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Posted by Sharkey

Recently, our company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, invited its employees to attend a meeting called Speak Out.  Franny and I were asked to attend because Martha wanted everyone to know how famous we are becoming.  I must admit, that part of the meeting was pretty interesting.

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There's Martha at the podium. She wanted us there because of our new-found stardom and she talked a lot about us and our clever new blog. See? There we are up on the screen! Everyone looked so interested.

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  • Hey! That's my painting! So cool!

  • Looks like you gals were booking outta there as fast as your legs could take you! Mini divas on the loose!
    So what is the Speak Out? It isn't explained do employees just SPEAK OUT about anything on their minds or is this about job ideas and being creative what is it?

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Looks like things are moving right along for you girls! What's next? Kibble at the white house perhaps? Mom things that Martha's next magazine should be authored by you two for other pet owners and fans of both you two and Martha. Have pawsitively super day!


  • Hi Girl Friends, Oh, how fun it is to start my day by seeing beautiful photos of both of you! Did you get to go with your mom to Palm Springs? I'll bet you missed her if you didn't. I never like to have my mom out of my sight. If it ever happens, I get depressed so I follow her everywhere I can. Have a fun day. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • F & S - aren't we the little executives. Pretty impresive that you attend meetings now. I was reading Martha's blog with mom this morning, some fancy dinner party she hosted the other night. Do you guys get to hang out with the guests? I love parties, someone is always giving me a little taste of what they are eating. I especially love when all the kids come over, they are always dropping something on the floor. If your mom ever has a party and there is a child in a high chair make sure you sit right underneath. You'll get all kinds of food, those kids can't seem to keep it on the tray - it's the best :)
    I'm getting pretty excited, the Easter Bunny comes this weekend. I love seeing what kind of treats I get in my basket. I hope the Easter Bunny comes to your house.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Hi my name is Oreo and I have a sad stroy that ends very happy thanks to your mom. On the 24th day of March my owner left me outside the animal shelter in Omaha, with a note about me. They said they could not take care of me any more. I was so sad and I didn't like all the nosie and people coming and going and wanting to play with me. Then on April 4 my new mom came to find a rabbit she was so nice and I hope that she would take me home and she did. I found out that she watches your mom every week day and that her special on rabbits is what made my mom deside to do her home work and then come looking for ME. She saw me on the computer and came to get me. I have a wonderful home and love her and the rest of the family so much. I sleep in my cage but get to run free all day long. I go potty in my pan and my mom gives me wonderful things to eat so please tell you mom Thank You.
    lots of bunny kisses

  • Hi gals,
    You two are so poised in front of a crowd and I'm sure you felt really special at that meeting! It's pretty obvious that Martha loves you very much. To tell you the truth, you get very special to us too with every appearance, so keep posing for those pictures and writing your daily blog! Hugs!

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Did Gail Horwood show some of MY posts?!! I'm Edgar! The cat! With that neat-n-unique cat logo behind my name! Did everybody see me, mrrrow mrrrow?!! You'd remember, cuz I'm a kc, and kc's don't usually post on the girls' DWag. Mommie says that we're ALLLL God's creatures and figures we can all get along nicely. That's why I check in each day. It's mrrrowy neat how you two are becoming soooo popular in such a short time! My mommie just loves you so, and whoever mommie loves, I love too. Mommie tho't you two running down thru the clerestory at Starrett-Lehigh was really cute. Looks like there's plenty of room to play. I'm with you! - there's so much to get into - who wants to sit still?! (unless I get sleepy.) Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Sharkey, it's true! You (& Francesca) are becoming very famous! What's next? How about a magazine subscription just for dogs, filled with important things, like nutrition, the latest & greatest toys, how to catch squirrels, etc. And I quote:
    "Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy you the wag of it's tail". Keep having fun!
    Enjoy your day,

  • Francey and Sharkey, what famous pups you are!!how nice that your mommy took you to this meeting, you got to see all those hard working people. Looks like you enjoyed your time there, always on a pedestal...he he

  • Hi girls - Making it all the way to the boardroom now... so cool!! I need a favor; now that you guys have some power, can you help me get out of some trouble? See my mom got me this Easter dress and bunny ears to wear on my head. When she put them on me I didn't like it, even though she took pictures and sent them to everyone telling them how cute I looked. After the crazy photo shoot she went downstaris to get something and I tore my dress and bunny ears up so I wouldn't have to wear them...she is mad and I think I am grounded from the park. You're executives now so can you tell her to let me off the hook please.

    Sincerely in trouble,

  • Hi F & S - Looks like you are moving up in the world of MSO - so proud of you both, love this blog you have I look at it everyday. Love everything MSO - can you pass along a message to Macy's Collection - went to purchase the citrus dishwasher soap in NYC but they told me it is being discontinued!! Any chance we can bring it back - all big hugs and barks.

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