Sneaking into Martha's library

Posted by Sharkey

The other day when Francesca and I snuck into Martha's library, we spotted a book about a French Bulldog (Ankle Soup) and decided to give it a go.  We liked it because it was very adventurous and just a little scary at times.  It was written by Maureen Sullivan and illustrated very nicely by Alison Josephs.

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Martha wears shoes something like those. Its easy to notice shoes from our perspective.

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  • Hi Girl Friends, It sure looks like you had fun in Martha's library! How did you get in there? Did one of the kitties knock the book down for you? That looks like a fun book, but a little scary with the great Dane because he's sooo big!! I have an idea. Why don't you two write a book about your adventures?!!! You could call it "The Adventures of Francesca and Sharkey"! I would sure like to read it and look at all of the pictures. Have fun. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • I think you gals are TOTAL hams!
    Happy reading.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning F & S
    So tell me, did you chew the corners off the book? I love to do that, you should try it some time. Dad reads paperbacks but mom likes the big hardback books, they are the best. I don't know why I do that, I have plenty of toys - I think I just like to hear her scream my name. If it was someone elses book she was reading she tends to use some words I can't put in print with my name. She doesn't stay mad for long, once she sits down to read I'm right on her lap helping her turn the pages.

    I'm so happy the weekend is almost here. Mom plans to work in the yard and I love to help. She won't let me in the vegetable garden area since I was helping remove the lettuce plants. She was putting them in and I was a few rows down pulling them out - taste pretty good actually. Now I have to watch from the other side of the fence. I'm looking forward to a warm weekend. I love to lay on the lounge chairs in the sun this time of year.

    Have a good weekend.


  • We love beautifully illustrated Doggie books too! No little children here, but Marcia can't resist the purchase. You two are the CUTEST!!!!

  • Reading is fundamental!!
    2 dogs can never stop learning new lessons. Because when they get old they're going to be taught new lessons in life. This phrase will not apply, you can't teach an old dog new tricks for Martha's dogs! LOL.

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Did you have fun in the room with all the books? Hope you didn't tear anything up. My mom has such a room, but it is for her crafts. We call it the Secret Grandpa Room cause Grandapa cat used to take naps in there on his sun table. He went to heaven 5 years ago at the age of 20 years. I only knew him for a few months, but he loved me and I loved him. I like to go in that room and look around at all the wondrous things. Mom and dad shoosh me right out of there. Grandpa cat did tell me I could go in there anytime I wanted, but mom won't let me. Sometimes I sneak in there when the door is open and I am soooo laughing inside cause I fooled mom and dad, but they find me. I never tear anything up. Well, must go and find a snack. Love Gracyn

  • Sharkey, are you sure you didn't pose for the cover? You're a good reader! I've met a couple of nice Great Danes, Mom took me to a pet store where I met a really nice guy. Mom wishes she had taken a photo of us ('cos I'm little & he was BIG). We had fun, though! My Mom has a lot of neat shoes, too. You guys have such fun!

  • Hey S & F!

    I snoop around Mom's library collection sometimes. I haven't seen any dog books, but I HAVE seen three of your Mom's books. I merely put my paw on the new craft book yesterday and she scolded me for not walking around the book rather than stepping ON the book. She quickly forgave me though when I flashed my million dollar smile and deep brown eyes. Have a good weekend girls!

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca,
    I must say I love your blog and your photo galleries! I have a cartoon/digital art blog and for fun I drew a picture of you two and Martha: . I hope you like it. Thanks!

  • MrrrowMrrrowMrrrow. You know, we get called 'fraidey cats for a good reason sometimes! Mrrrow, I wouldn't want to get lost - away from my mommie and daddy - not even for a minute, especially in a crowded place like Grand Central Station. Loud noises make me run and hide, too! I'm gwad you two weren't too awful scared! You might be a wittle more used to adventures 'n I am! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hey, Sharkey & Fran,
    Have you seen a Skippy Jon Jones Book? My owner, Eli really loves these books and you may too!
    Have a good weekend,
    Princess the bulldog

  • Sharkey....YOU sneak? You look too innocent for that! It must have been a darn good book, both of you are so interested in it.
    Happy reading,

  • Hi girls,

    Kirby here. Sharkey, there is a Great Dane (Sady) living next door and she really has big feet too. There is a Dachshund (Sophie) living at my back fence. Sophie tries to bite my nose if I get it too close to the fence. Mama said that at her age, she may have “mini-paws” which makes her so grumpy. Now Sophie would look silly if her feet were as big as mine or Sady’s.

    See you later, Kirby.

  • Hey F&S!

    Maybe it was something in my oatmeal or something in the way she moves but Frannie dear, in pic #1 you look exactly like LuLu, my roomate=Moms CAT! You look like a cat from the air! (I'm sure to be apologizing AGAIN for this one.)

    I'm not much of a reader but I LOVE to go 'sneaking' into places and Martha's library sounds like the best place to sneak out of all I've heard yet! (Except maybe the inside of vehicles, you know, the GMs...I especially like a truck.)

    Anyway, I'm off to sneak a peek at your trip to the Hamptons and check out the skin-ware...tee hee! ;)

    Have a nice weekend!

  • When will you post dog friendly treats that you can make at home?! We can't wait to eat some of the treats we know Martha makes for you!

  • Hey that is cool!the cover looks just like Francey! my mommie is doing a book about me "a feral cat named Kitty"...can't wait to see the images she comes up with...this weekend mommy saw two French Bulldogs at the Midwest Horse Fair just like you, same color and all, she thought they where you, but then it was in Madison Wisconsin, a long way from you two pups.

  • my sister kathy means works at the wave gallery downtown newhaven ct she meet you at the book signing u had their she brought the book ankle soup for my family this was around christmas time it was xmas present that i just recieved from her last weekend i read the book and loved it i told my sister that i would be intrested in writing some material for beacause i talk from a cat dog and parrots perseptive all day long because i have always had a house full of animals

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