Skunk attack again!

Posted by Sharkey

Oh why, oh why do I like to run after skunks? I guess I get all wrapped up in the thrill of the chase. You know, when you're strategizing the critters every move, it's easy to forget how it smells. Well this time, I avoided the tomato juice routine because Martha had a new product called Omega Zapp from NuHemp Botanicals. It's a strong odor removal shampoo that left me smelling clean and fresh. You should try it. Have I learned my lesson? I can't make any promises.

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I really can't explain why I keep chasing skunks. I certainly don't like how they smell.

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  • Sharkey - not again!! You have to stay away from those skunks. Stick to the squirrels and donkeys. Francesca where were you when this was taking place? You need to stick together and keep one another out of trouble. You're right, Miss Laura does not look happy at all.

    Don't feel bad Sharkey, my sister the yellow lab who looks like your friend you were playing with the other day got in trouble yesterday also. She got in the trash and ate a bar of soap. Mom replaced the soap in the shower and thru the small bar that was left in the trash. Mom came home from work and went up stairs and found the soap box chewed up and the soap gone. Dad fed us dinner then they found out who ate the soap, Sophie hurled. It smelled just like soap. Why would anyone want to eat soap???
    Stay out of trouble today girls.

  • Hi Sharkey,

    Kirby here. Not the skunks again! So far I have been lucky and not had any skunks too near me. I guess that's because everyone has some sort of fence around their houses keeping the skunks away. My job is keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeders for my mama. She always tells me that I am a "good boy" for doing that but daddy gives me a treat when he see's me chase them off. Thanks for the tip on the new shampoo, just in case dad and I run into one of those critters while walking in the woods. Sharkey I love a good chase too, but you have to learn self control.

    Catch you later,

  • Oh no Sharkey! I would think you would learn your lesson. Didn't Frannie tell you to STOP? Well at least you have a kind person to shampoo you with something that works...better than tomato juice at least.

  • P U Sharkey, why do you like those smelly skunks? Your Mom has to keep a bottle of shampoo with the word "skunk" written on it, because you get into trouble so often! Ick! I'm so little that I would probably look and smell like a skunk if I got near one. I'll have to say...when we get smelly, it's usually from something fun, so I'm sure you had a good time!

  • S,

    Tomato sauce, not 'juice' is how we de-smell the stink on me but I've never been skunked. I've rolled in the aftermath of long gone farm animals (which I love to do) but I've not even seen a skunk around here! I guess I'm a lucky sort but you had a little run with the bad luck...or the bad skunk...but you know what? You look great wet, and now with the bath and the NuHemp you will smell good again and people will notice...and be smiling happily...not cursing up a storm and running for the hose!

    PS. Don't forget to give Laura a big kiss for getting skunked, too! :)

  • Good morning all: Oh no, not skunks. Mom says they really, really stink bad. She would be upset with me and love me all the same. I have never seen any skunks out where I live, even though it is the country. I have seen some snakes, but my parents always have me on leash when outside in the open. Not in my fenced in yard though. Mom or dad stays with me there too. We stay away from outdoor creatures cause ya never know what you might get yourself into. Being part Beagle, I am just naturally curious, but they said a big NO! Please Francesca and Sharkey, be careful of creatures and spider bugs too. Only those dogs and cats that are my friends are allowed to play with me. I love you two and want you to stay safe and healthy. Must go and have my sunbath now. It's not raining today. Love, Gracyn

  • Sharkey, I do think Miss Laura needs that raise that you & Franny pushed for but instead of some food, Laura needs a $$$$$$$$$ raise big time. I see your Mama was no where to be found again for second skunk attack. Poor Laura you better be nice to her and keep away from the skunks or hide from Laura next time!!!!
    Better be good or you will be sleeping in the doghouse instead of your Mama's house!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Oh Sharkey, I have the same skunk-chasing urge, which I just cannot resist. It's a problem. Thanks for the tip on the shampoo -- last time, my owners doused me in tomato juice, vinegar and baking soda, and other home remedies that were almost as bad as the skunking itself -- without the thrill of the chase! That massage looks great, too ...

  • Mrrrow. Oh noooo, Sharkeybarkey!...did you do it AGAIN?!! Should I put my paws over my eyes while you're bathing?! Mrrrow. (I take many baths in a day's time [I wike to be cwean] - I guess it's okay for you to get your bath while everyone's watching.) I hope your mommie didn't weturn home fwom her twavels to find THIS as a welcome! I know it's hard to be a good girl-n-all...pwease - could ya' at weast twy?! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Aw Sharkey, you look like you feel so bad so I hope you didn't get scolded too much. It's pretty funny when you think about it though, although I don't see Laura laughing. If I had to give you a de-skunking bath, I would need a gas mask. Oh man I can't take smells, I have such a weak stomach. I'm glad your mommy found a good shampoo for you but that doesn't mean you have to use it all up! Try to be more careful okay?

  • Hi! I'm Lola. I don't chase skunks, but I have been known to terroize a few squirrels in my day. At the moment there are 2 squirrels, I think they are brothers. One of them throws cherries at me and with my White coat it makes for one big mess. My mom makes me take a bath at least once a week! OMG did someone say BATH? Run Forest run!

  • Sharkey! I can't believe it. Please stay away from an animal with a white stripe on it's back. I feel sorry for you. It's a good thing Martha found a good shampoo for you, rather than the juice remedy. She may want to keep a few extra bottles on hand.....

  • Hello from down under my little friends ...I am adopted from Paws in Cleveland in 2006..Paws help me get new parents...I had 120 brothers sister ETC....and I never saw the light of day...I am a lucky boy are so lucky you have many humans that love you.....I don't have skunks here to chase or even a squarrel...I sure miss that...But don't miss the smell of those little skunks...Glad your Mom has great shampoo for you..... I go running on the beach with my Mom and Dad...Take care of each other.....Lots of licks to all...The Bud....

  • Hi Girl Friends, Gosh, I've never seen a skunk and I don't even know what they look like. The only things I ever see are squirrels and crows, but they stay out of my yard so I can't chase them. A little while ago my mom and I went outside. It was dark out, but I saw a raccoon and barked to alert my mom and she yelled at it and it went away. It was on the other side of the fence so I couldn't chase it. Do you ever see raccoons on your farm? It was bigger than me so mom said it was good I didn't chase it. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • tsk...tsk haven't learned eh? Laura looks mighty unhappy...poor dear, I wouldn't want that job...
    us cats run the other direction when we see a B/W ;-)

  • YES YES YES, being skunked is the best, we get it and have gotten it, we have 3 delectable skunks at Mom's feeding station, we will continue 2 peruse at all costs, sorry Laura, it's a must do

  • Sharkey,
    I would like to suggest that you switch to squirrels. They are quick and acrobatic and fun to chase. They do not stink or make you stink. They are so easy to find. When I walk with my person I see squirrels everywhere.

  • This might help too. A solution to your problems with the skunk attack. Go to: and ask how you can order Paramount Skunk Solution using Pet Consultant #357 to use for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets.

  • Tomato sauce/juice etc. is a myth. I have a great recipe for deskunking. I think I should get to go on the Martha show to tell people about it.

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