Sightseeing in the Hamptons with Martha and Uncle Carlos

Posted by Francesca

Last weekend, we went to visit Sag Harbor and East Hampton with Martha and Carlos. You know, way out at the end of Long Island. Martha was doing something out there with her television show and we, of course, traveled along. We love going to the Hamptons because there are so many historic buildings and so many interesting things to see.

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The Home Sweet Home Museum dates back to 1720!

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  • Wow we don't even have any phone booths left around our town, and it was 60 cents to make a call last time my Mama checked a phone booth out and that was many years ago!
    You gals are stars what are you doing waiting outside of any old shop, you are mini divas and you have a reputation to live up to don't let these shop keepers treat you like dogs!
    My favorite photo from this posts you gals waiting for someone to serve you LOL!

    Looks like you Frenchies had a fun day.

    Mres. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning F & S
    Well your trip to Sag Harbor and East Hampton appeared to be nice for Martha but the two of you were left outside on a leash most of the time - not too much fun.
    I'll have to tell mom about the windmill idea. I give new meaning to the word flatulence. Mom said I can clear out a room in minutes. She even says I can bring a tear to the eyes. She gets really embarrased when her and dad have friends over and I let one loose. I don't know what it is, I eat healthy, I'm in good shape and not over weight but man do I fart. I guess it's better to get it out or I'd have tremendous gas pains.

    To all my tooting Frenchie Friends out there
    LET EM RIP!!!


  • I so love the daily wag!

    It brings a smile to my face.

    I look forward to the adventures that lay ahead for Sharkey and Fran.

    Keep up the good work.



  • flatulence? wow you do need a windmill! hope you're not eating cheese...what a neat place you visited, what fun. Great photos! thanks for sharing

  • Hi Sweeties,
    You are quite the little amusers aren't you? I'm still laughing over some of your captions - you think of the funniest things to say! Of course one of your fans, Zoe, was pretty funny too! I sure do like to read the conversations going on over here. Maybe the next time you go for a visit, the shop owners will let you inside. After all, you did do a bit of advertising for them; it's the least they could do. Say hi to Carlos and Martha for me!

  • The dogs today look quite content in their surroundings so cute is that, and Thanks for the pic. To be honest they look lonely attached to the post! LOL. Martha they now need love Big time. Cute post!
    Sending you a Daily Wag Be well and thanks.

  • F & S, wouldn't it be cool if every time you two were out traveling you had a video camera along to show us things from your perspective? You could call it FrenchieCam.

    The two of you could give us a tour of the farm, the studio, etc. Just a thought. Thanks for your always amusing blog posts.

  • MrrrowMrrrowMrrrow. MY MOMMIE LAFFED WEALLY WOUD - for, like, 30 seconds straight! She hadn't even gotten past you girls' first photo, she said. She was so woud, she woke me up from my nap. Yawn. I'm such a sweepyhead, you know... Mrrrow. You guys get to go evwywhere! It makes me tired just to think about it. Well, have fun...I'm goin' back to my favowite comfycozy spot in mommie's chair by the fireplace. Zzzz. =^..^=

  • F & S

    I understand your mom is having a May birthday show. I was wondering if you could put a good word in with Martha's staff and see if she could get invited to that show. Mom's birthday is in May and so is my Aunt Carolyn's - both huge Martha fans. I saw her requesting tickets this morning. I'd love to be able to surprise her with tickets.


  • Might it be something in your diet causing your "problem"? Was it a dog-friendly area where you were? Well, you did get to go sight-seeing, probably that was fun. And please Francesca, stay off of phone booths! I was so worried when I saw that picture!
    Maybe next time someone can spare you a dime (or quarter),

  • Hi F & S,

    Kirby here. When I go shopping I too spend a lot of time outside of the shops. I guess that the owners are afraid that I will break something with my big bushy tail. I still have a lot of fun sitting outside and listening to the people talk about how pretty I am; I prefer handsome. Some want to take my picture just like you have your pictures taken. I have been known to pose for more than three minutes for someone. Just got in from the Smoky Mountains and need another nap after that long ride.

    Catch you later, Kirby

  • Hi Girl Friends, I sure love the pictures you took of your Sag Harbor and East Hampton trip. It feels like I'm right there with all of you and we are having a great time! Don't you usually get to go into the stores? I get to go inside except if they sell food. I prefer staying in the truck and taking a walk when mom gets back. Talking about flatulence, I don't get it often, but it always happens when we are driving somewhere and mom says "oh, Dudley!" and I look at her and think oh oh, what did I do now?! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Ur adventures are super fabulous! Keep 'em coming!

  • F & S -
    We Yorkies are envious and want to join you! Sag Harbor and East Hampton are great! Beautiful scenery!

    Our Mom cycled there last year, first time visit for her and she did 98 miles along the bike paths and roads!
    She took the same photo of the beautiful windmill!

    Ina Garten's territory too right but no more Barefoot Contessa shop? :(

    Take care and tks for the great field trip pics..
    By the way, what is the name of that antique store Martha likes to go to?
    Woofs and licks,
    Bridget, Bentley, Martha and Stewart

  • Wow! A phone booth! Was it part of a museum? My mom only takes us to the local park, we want to go to this fun place called Sag Harbor. DO they serve treats? Love Cooper and Olive

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