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You know, we dogs grow up so fast and it's hard to remember ever being little. The other day when we snuck into Martha's library, Francesca and I found some documents with pictures of us when we were tiny. It said something about pedigree. Make sure to click ON the photos to make them larger!

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No one knows this, but my original name was Classy. I think I like Sharkey better.

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  • Sharkey, I have a boy name too so to keep folks from calling me a HE all the time, my Mama added a Mrs. to the front of my name.

    I am glad your name is Sharkey. I could never remember the long name you were given at birth. I heard your Mama on the radio today she said you got into "SKUNK" trouble again and you and Franny had to have your third tomato bath you can't stay out of trouble can you? The Skunk went to skunky heaven and you two went to the flower room or some such place to spend the night, no sleeping with Ma last night!

    You little stinks and phew girls! Chows never do bad things we are regal and great Ha !!!!!

    I have some fancy name on my papers too but I am glad I am just Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow- Bos for

    Be GOOD you two before your Mama sends you off to doggie BOARDING school papers or not !!!!

  • Sharkey
    I knew your name was Classy. I watched the show when you were introduced to all of us, I think you had some kind of fancy feather thing around your neck,you looked pretty silly.

    I agree with Bosley, I'm not into fancy names. The name on my birth certificate was Yoda with a bunch of others to follow - I sure did look like a Yoda - my ears were bigger than my entire body. Mom and Dad changed it to Zoe. When I get in trouble I get called a lot of other names also but they are not as affectionate.

    Skunks again? When will you girls learn..........


  • I thought you were a boy too, until I noticed people calling you and Franny "girls." I like the name "Sharkey" much better than "Classy". I'm glad my Mom didn't give me a girlie name...people think I'm a girl anyway (because I'm little, I guess), but hey, I'm a guy! Maybe I could be your escort someday! I'm a decent fellow - a little on the chubby side, though. Bye, girls!

  • Hello ladies,

    Kirby here. I think that we all have different names we are called by. I never answer to my given name because it’s so long. When my daddy calls me “Kirb” I know that we are going to have a play time. When he calls me “Kirby” I know that he wants me to come to him. When he calls me “Kirby Bear” I then know that I’m in trouble again. Yes, Chows do get into a little trouble at times. Most of the time it’s because I jump up and hit the front windows with my front paws. It’s not my fault, it’s that darned cat out side. That’s the problem. Mama has to cover the windows to keep me form banging on the windows.

    Catch you later,

  • Mrrrow. I guess I could call you Classywassie, but I wike Sharkeybarkey mrrruch better, don't you?! You came from Maryland! That's where I wive! It's weally nice that your mommie keeps an album of when you were a wittle puppiedoggie. And yes, you are verwy special! Mommie tells me all the time that I'MMM so prrrty and special to her! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi Girl Friends, I just love your baby pictures, Sharkey and I love all of the rest of your pictures, too. You are sooooo beautiful! I can't wait to see Francesca's baby pictures, too. She is beautiful, too! I don't have any baby pictures of me. I came to live with mom when I was 11 months old, but didn't have any pictures. My uncle takes pictures of me now and I do look kind of handsome! My name used to be Mutley and mom changed it to Dudley Do Right so I would learn to do just that-Do Right! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • well Classy Sharkey you where a beautiful pup! cute photos..

  • Love love your baby pictures, so so so cute.

  • Hello Sharkey,
    My Mom is helping me write this to you, sometimes my paws get mixed up. I am your brother, Garrett , and was with you from birth until you and I left our Birth Mom Suzanne. I live in Pennsylvania now with my two Moms who love me very much (they spoil me too). I am so happy that you have such a good Mommy who loves you because that is the most important thing in the world. I have some pictures of us also but my Mom isn't too good at scanning but she said she will try.
    I love you and miss you, Your brother Garrett Tracy Williams

  • I think Sharkey is a great name for you!! Im a brindle Frenchie who was born SIR NIKE, and while I know Im royality, my mom calls me STITCH or MR WEESON, depending on my attitude that day.

  • hi every one i just love those two cute dogs. i would love to own a french bulldog one day. i do own a boxer named faith and a weenie dog named ruger who is fourteen years old. i thought the name suited him since he is like a pistol when guests arrive at my house in the country. he just cant stop barking!!!! and rushes to greet them.

  • Happy Birthday Sharkey and my apologies 'cause all this time I thought you were a guy like me :) Its ok though. How would you like to be a guy named Tinkerbelle? Seriously--that's the name of the newest rescue boy dog we're taking in this weekend. Something tells me our names are meant to be, no matter whether they're girl or boy names.

  • Dearest Mrs Sharkey,I think your name is just darling.Please do come and see all the Frenchies living on Easter Bunny Island with me LeLu.My Frenchies are much smaller than you because they are only 9 inches high and made of wool.I would like to use you as a portrait model for my next Frenchie Doggy-Bear,would you mind being a toy? We do have one Doggy-Bear here called Pumkin and she looks rather like you,we even have an Angel Frenchie called Cherub with real wings.Cherub can fly and Woof at the same time!
    Big Hugs from LeLu and Friends

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