Owl at Cantitoe

Posted by Francesca

Today on Martha's blog she explained that Betsy doesn't like to let her cats outside because of the birds of prey flying around the farm. You know, she has a point because look what this owl did to our pal, the squirrel. Good thing we Frenchies are too big for these predators.

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This looks like a common short-eared owl and it's about to devour a poor squirrel. That's one less for us to chase.

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  • Good Morning F & S
    It looks like Betsy brought two new toys for you to chase at the farm, better than those skunks. That owl looks mean - too bad he can't catch a skunk.

    Mom worries about me sometimes when the hawks start to circle the property. I'm 18 pounds but some of those guys are pretty big. Mom says I'd make a nice dinner :(

    I had a nice weekend lounging by the pool watching the kids swim. It got hot in New Jersey this weekend. Mom got out my squirt bottle and filled it with nice cold water. It feels nice when she mists my face so I stay cool. I wish I could swim it looks so fun. I live with 3 Labs, they don't swim either. Mom says she has the only Labs in the world that don't like water.

    Stay cool.

  • Hi Frannie!

    So that's a 'short-eared owl', huh? I guess what it lost in the way of ear development it made up for in the "round-eye" department!

    Eyes as big as Frisbees!...That's how my eyes look when I look at you!...Yes, I'm still flirting. I'd like to catch *you* in mid-air! ;)

  • Mom won't let me outside by myself (even in the backyard) because I only weigh 7 pounds and I could be a target for a bird of prey. I keep telling her I'm tough and I'd scare a bird of prey away, but she won't listen (she's an old fart sometimes). I don't really mind, because she takes good care of me and gives me great food. I'm interested in owl houses, though. Mom has heard of people having screech owl boxes (houses) but doesn't know much about them. She thinks it'd be fun to have owls in the yard, though! Bye.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Kirby here. Those owl’s look dangerous to me. There are some birds of prey around where I live in Georgia. I don’t worry abut them because I am so big. They wouldn’t dare take on a 58 pound Chow Chow. Some of the neighbors loose cats at times. I don’t know why their owners let them roam loose when they can hear the owls at night, but they do. There are so many squirrels around here to chase away from the bird feeders for mom. I wish that the owls hunted a little more during the day so the squirrel population would be a little less. Got to run now; there’s a squirrel in one of the feeders now.

    Catch you later,

  • Hi everybody: I was really sad when mom told me about the owl eating that poor squirrel. But mom said it the natural course of things, whatever that means. It sure was warm in North Carolina this weekend. My dad took me on lots of long walks and I had a couple of sun baths in the doorway. Mom said she had to do house cleaning. I never saw an owl before and mom said they are very beautiful. She said everything in nature is beautiful. I guess that means me too! Well, it is time for me to have a snack. See ya later, love Gracyn.

  • Oh man, Francesca, that's a wild pic! I totally wasn't thinkin' that when I kept saying I was trying to pick you up...YIKES!

  • The owls are so cool! I just love them. Good thing I'm a big retriever, some of my small dog friends have be watch out for the hawks & vulchers seen occasionally around in fields nearby.
    Please do get any ideas, Francesca. Don't mess with an owl!

    Happy Hunting,

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Oh, mommie thinks this is just wonderful! She takes care of God's cweatures in our own backyard. We have jennywren houses...she always makes sure there's pwenty of water for the birds to dwink and to cool off in on hot days. She doesn't even mind when the bees sit on the edge of the birdbaths and sip. She just has a special way about her and God's gifts in nature. Mrrrow. We had a gweat-horned owl a couple weeks ago that kept calling and calling...it was pwetty neat, but mrrrow, was I ever gwad I was inside! I know they eat meeces 'n' you never know when they might twy to pick me up and carry me away! Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Mrrrow. Mommie's not pweased that the sqwirrel got eaten. Much as I'd wike to get 'em myself, it's awful, basically... Mommie was pweased about the nesting boxes. That's all... Prrr. =^..^=

  • oh man, that poor squirrel! but hey, the owl has to eat right? my mommie is afraid the Red Tail Hawks and some of the big Owl's here will get me, cause I'm somwhat a small Gato...actually a feral kitty and bring home those other small critters to share with mom...trust me she is not happy about that...

  • my moms up in anchorage right now babysitting her grandkids, I haven't met them yet, but get to spend over a month with them when she brings them home when school is out up there, but she tells me, that there are lots of dangers for pets like us up there, what with the bears and eagles, I'll stay here at home with my dad thanks that sounds to scary for me, a bear.

    your cyber friend, Buddy

  • Hi Girl Friends, Boy, that owl sure does look mean, especially since he's eating that squirrel.I haven't seen any owls, but mom points out big bald eagles flying over our house lots of times. I would be scared if a big bird came flying at me and would run to my mom for safety. She always protects me. You two be careful now and remember: no more skunks! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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