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Posted by Francesca

Well, it's official! Bo, the White House dog is moving in. Too bad allergies had so much influence in their choice of a pooch because a Frenchie would really look good and influential in Washington. We can only hope that we, Martha's Frenchies, will be invited to the White House for an official play date. And we wouldn't mind staying outside and playing in the Rose Garden….hint,hint.

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Obama family welcomes new puppy. RESTRICTED

I guess we should give Bo the benefit of the doubt. He is pretty adorable.

Photo Credit AP and Whitehouse

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  • I loved your segment yesterday on the NYC animal hospital. My daughter's cat has received extensive treatment there. They have been wonderful.

  • OMG Dahlings - Don't you think Bo is a great name for the First Dog? I am just purring over this choice. My feline intuition tells me that Bo is a winner and I can't wait to see more of him. Without a doubt, I think the Rose Garden looks divine, and with sunshine would be the perfect backdrop for you two to make your "Official Visit." After all, Bo is a young dog and you two can teach him a thing or two, especially about the spotlight! Lucky you - better start thinking about which outfits you'll be wearing to the WH, as well as the Gifts you'll undoubtedly want to bring. TTYL Champagne & Kisses, Ivana

  • I have painted a portrait of Bo, just like the one I painted of you two! http://www.rachaelrossman.com/id14.html

  • F & S
    You both crack me up. So do you really think you'll get an invite to meet Bo? I'd love to join ya - we could chase that little bugger all around the White House lawn - what fun :)

    Why don't you ask your mom if we can post our picture with our comment. I have some darling photo's of myself from Easter I'd love to share.


  • Hello again: I just woke up from my nap. I saw a picture of Bo on the TV. It would be fun to run and play games with him. Sure hope he can see through all that fur. The Obama kids will have a great time with him. He will certainly have a very advantaged life being the presidential puppy. I have a very advantaged life too and so do you Francesca and Sharkey. We are sooooo very lucky to have really good parents that love and appreciate us. Well, time to go eat a snack.-Love Gracyn Erwin

  • You two are going to be great role models for Bo:) Living in the public eye can be difficult. I am sure you can pass along a few great pointers:)
    Happy Tuesday!

  • F and S are really too cute, but Bo was a good choice. Do you suppose someone has told them about natural feeding?
    Maybe F and S should send Bo an email and talk shop.

    Bo should know about fresh all natural, organic and chemical free foods and treats. Don't you agree?

    Great job both of you.

    Your friend, Dr. Harvey

  • I am so happy for the Obama family and for Bo!

    I'll bet those girls are SO excited that 'some day' is finally here! Getting a new puppy or dog is one of the most exciting things in life! They may have to be convinced that they still need to sleep in their own beds!

    Portuguese Water Dogs are exuberant and so very friendly!

    All the best to Francesca & Sharkey!

  • Francesca! Not the rose garden! Leave that to Martha. And, yes, I agree you would have fun playing with Bo. But, I don't think he could keep up with you....
    I like the idea from one of you blog friends, can we please post a picture of ourself when we reply? I think you'd enjoy seeing us!
    Have a wonderful day,

  • Hi Kids,
    I do think the little doggie is cute but I think I am cuter! A Chow Chow in the White house I could guard the President and his children,I am regal and beautiful and I would get much attention LOL!

    I just finished watching your Mama on television with the ASPCA good to see them featured there they help so many of us cats and dogs, horses and so on. Yesterday your Mama featured a hospital for us in NYC I wish we had one close to my house here in CAlifornia like that neat one.

    I love photo #1 of you posted here, so funny you are!!

    Just between us girls,I bet that male dog Bo from The White House pees on everything, we females wouldn't be that tacky would we?(laugh)

    Gotta run I have guard duty, a squirrel got at my Mama's Martha Stewart Victorian lounge chairs last night and ate some of the cushion, now the cushion are wrecked and have to be replaced. She mus have been trying to make a nest for her babies. She only got to one cushion but we are taking no chances, she has come two nights in a roll and today she showed up early and caught me off guard! We have to bring all our cushions in now at night!

    Have some fun adventures today gals.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • I love the daily wag! I'm also happy to see a I-Mac in the picture! It just displays that they're intelligent Dogs just like their owner! LOL. This would be incredible if they were to meet Bo? I'm so happy that I stumbled into this blog! The dogs are so cute! Bow Wow!

  • Imagine all the GOP getting so fumed over the White House dog issue? They should focus on the issues Martha, I'm like yes Bo is going to get attention he's the first dog! Remember Clinton's cat Socks that cat was cute. Have a great day Daily Wag bloggers!

  • Mrrrow. Bo'bama looks like a cute little doggie. I'm bigger 'n he is though, but then, I'm 'posed to be. Hmmm, let's see...mrryeah, I think he'll turn many heads as he ventures out in public more and more... Why can't there be another 'Socks'? We never hear about any kc's in the White House! The Bush family had Barney, but I think they had a kc too...was it as popular? No! (It's always doggies-this, doggies-that...) Barney took center stage! Mrrrow. Cats HAVE staff, you know... Prrr. =^..^=

  • I was really hoping for a Chow Chow. I myself do not bother my mamas allergies at all. Plus we a super easy to housebreak. Besides there hasnt been a chow in the whitehouse since Blackberry and Tiny Tim in the 20s. Oh well neither of our breeds made it this time girls. I know get your boss to run for president and not only will your breed get in but you yourselves will and surely she will bring back the chow chow to the whitehouse also. If not heres to you girls playing in the rosegarden.

    Chow for now

  • I think it grand.

  • Bo,born into a pure bread democratic family, will protect the WHITE House well. Bo must be taught to be nice to republicans and not give them the leg.

  • The Bush family had a cat named Willie / India a beautiful black cat, I know cause my Mama has photos sent from The White house of Willie, Barney, Spot and Miss Beasley.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • well I would think you two precious pups would be invited to play with Bo...what a sweet looking dog that Bo! Francey and Sharkey you two can run after his white front paws, cause they are easy to see when running...now don't mistake him for a sheep! let us know when you go, hope it's soon.

  • Mrrrow. Thank you, Mrs. Bosley CC and your mommie, Pam, for keeping me straight on Mr & Mrs Bush's kc. I couldn't wemember Willie's name, but I do wemember Barney-n-Spottie. They were on 'Christmas in the White House' tv specials for a couple years on HGTV. My mommie would watch as Mrs. Bush told us about them. You could weally tell they wuved their pets, too, even though they were the pwesident-n-all. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi Girl Friends, I think it is really nice that the Obamas finally have a puppy for their kids. I think he is a handsome fella and he will probably be a really good dog because of all the training he has had. I think that if he will read your blog and pay attention to what you and your commenters have to say he will grow up to be a champion. I hope you get an invitation soon to meet him. Be sure to let us know. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • I loved your favorite comments about O'Reilly and peeing on friends when you are glad to see them. Being a pugnacious Pug of 6 years, I can tell you that I don't do that much anymore, and for you not to worry about it. You will grow out of it! What cracked me and my Human up was visualing Bill O'Reilly getting excited and peeing on his alleged friends ... IF he has any! Maybe ... he pees on Crazy Glenn Beck!

  • Be careful in the rose garden! I'm a Frenchie and look a lot like Francesca. I used to love to smell the rose bushes in my yard until I got poked in both eyes with the thorns. I had to have eye surgery to fix the damage. The canine eye specialist said this is an injury that is common to smash faced, bug eyed dogs. My human doesn't allow me to get near a rose bush. Smash faced? Bug eyed? Talk about adding insult to injury!! Love, Maddie

  • I love you girls. It's wonderful that YOU were the first two dogs to get in on the blogging world and you have a style quite like no other. I have an appreciation for Frenchies because I live with one named Bit-a-bee. She is a hoot.

    Keep up the good work. May you have an excess of snacks and lots of squirrels to chase!

    ~A BIG fan in California

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