No fair! We can't enter the big photo contest

Posted by Francesca

We've been hearing so much buzz about a contest on Martha's Web site where pets can enter a photo of themselves dressed up in their Easter finery.  We wanted to win so badly because we heard that the prize was a year's worth of our favorite Purina One dog chow.  We worked so hard getting our costumes ready and found great decorations in Martha's storeroom.  Then we posed so elegantly well for the photo shoot.  When we submitted, what we knew would be a contest winner, we found out that employees of MSLO cannot enter.  What kind of rule is that!!!??? 

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Sir Buttersworth 'Bentley' III, a Frenchie from columbus, OH

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  • You should have won hands down. My Mama and I think you should have changed your names and wore disguised bunny ears so Martha & gang wouldn't know it was you who had entered. I could teach you girls some new tricks.

    In closing don't forget that Chow Chows rule!

    Mrs. Bosely Chow Chow

  • You both look so so so cute, Love your photos!

  • oh you guys are way too cute!!! adorable mommy entered me "Kitty" in the contest, thanks for having it! love looking at all the cute animals in Easter garb.

  • My Ladies,

    You look most lovely. You would make the Cadbury bunny himself jealous. Now be vewy quiet - I'm hunting wabbit.

  • Hi F&S,
    Your picture put the biggest smile on my face this morning and then I started laughing because you both look so doggone cute!! Is it okay to say doggone? I can't believe the two of you can fit in that basket; where's the rest of Sharkey? May I borrow this picture for my desktop until after Easter? It will surely make me smile while I wait for the Easter bunny! Thanks cutie pies - you are big winners even if you can't win a prize this time!

  • you have no idea how much fun this blog is for French Bull dog owners I have one Happy Jack, a stray with a bad spine ( had surgery) and doesnt walk well but very happy fellow as his name implies.
    Happy easter to all. Love your easter pics

  • Hi, my Mom Sue is writing this for me. I'm a Chorkie (Chihuahua & Yorkie mix) but I like Frenchies. You two have better costumes than everyone I know, and you posed so well for your photos! Where do you get the patience? I hate posing & wearing the funny costumes my Mom puts on me! I think you should win a special prize anyway, for your hilarious costumes and poses. I like you and love to see your photos everyday! Ten paws up from me!

  • F & S
    You both look cute. I refuse to wear rabbit ears. Mom came home with some ridiculous looking thing for me to wear so she could enter me in the contest but I wanted no parts of it.

    I like wearing my sweaters and coats but can't stand anything around my ears. People tell mom I have good ears, I wouldn't want rabbit ears to spoil my cute face.

    Hope the Easter Bunny brings lots of treats. Happy Easter!

  • Mrrrow. Regarding those rules, mommie says 'it be that way sometimes'! Awww, it's too bad, girls. You DO look so boo-ti-ful and you worked soooo hard at sitting still and being good girls. I've learned, though, that if me and my sister Mandy are good kc's for my mommie, we get TREATS! When she gives them to us, she tells us 'good girl/good boy'...believe me, I know what 'good boy' means and what's in it for me! Anymrrrew, you're mrrrowy winners to me! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Dah-lings - Don't dismay, you two are unique talents and true assets to MSLO. Behind those pretty faces are saavy and stylish business bulldogs. Maybe have a brainstorm and start-up your own DailyWag monthly "contest," the winners could come meet you and appear on your blog!Pooches and pampered princesses like moi love to travel First Class. I'm sure MSLO would love it - the possibilities and tie-ins are endless and it could be HUGE. Then, once everyone sees how valuable you are, you can re-negotiate your contract and demand more money from MSLO which is kinda like winning a contest. TTYL....Champagne & Kisses, Ivana

  • The weekend approaches - Happy Easter Francesca and Sharkey. You both look great in your costumes and should win first prize. I have Christmas reindeer antlers my mom loves to put on me, but I don't like them. I just shake, shake, shake them off. I do like to wear my big reindeer bell collar during the Christmas holidays. It has several bells and makes a lot of noise. Hmmmmm, I wonder what I may get this year. Oh well, I will have to wait. My parents won't let me have any Easter candy, but maybe some new treats and a toy. Well, have a great weekend. Its time for me to have my mid-afternoon nap before mommy comes home from work.- Love, Gracyn.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Ivana - Thank you for the compliments and for your great ideas. We'll talk it over with the team.
    F & S

  • Sharkey,buzz is,there's a pet photo contest
    We have to definetly,look our very best.
    First prize,year's supply dog chow,Purina One,
    That's worth a few bucks in the land of the sun.
    Well,we donned our costumes,posed for the shoot,
    Our ears contrasted with our shortie snoot.
    When we submitted - request denied,oh! drool,
    No employees? - No fair,that picky rule.
    We were splendiferous,don't you think?
    Hard work took us to the brink.
    Then,we were chopped,we say "cry foul",
    We'll ruff and puff and certainly growl.
    Sir Butterworth 'Bently' lll,a contender,
    Miss Martha,a Frenchie from Brookfield,a pretender,
    Priscilla,a Frenchie from Fairfield,could use a drink
    Belle,a Frenchie from Canada,looks good in pink,
    And Sophie,a Frenchie from Alaska,whistling a tune,
    All very beautiful,by the light of the moon.
    So,F/S don't envy the ones who judge -
    And we will never hold a grudge -
    Good luck to all,keep spirits high,
    'Cause next time - we're gonna lie.

  • Well, you guys are not PAID employees... I think you should be able to enter.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Woof! Woof! Woof! You two look so cute with your bunny ears in your Easter basket! I sure wish I could stand wearing those ears, but I can't even stand to wear a coat even when it's freezing outside. Oh well, I know some really cute doggie will win the contest, but in my heart you two are the best ones of all! Have a Happy Easter and I will, too. I know I'm going to get a few bites of the Martha Stewart ham my mom bought at Costco and I can hardly wait! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • You two take the prize in our book! Our mommy can't convince us to wear outfits, but we think you two look smashing!
    happy easter!
    laika the whippet and orson the terrier mutt! (check us out on the website linked here!)

  • This takes the cake Martha! They look so innocent. Like I didn't eat the Easter Egg! You can't prove a thing. I laughed thanks so much! Martha I like the humor in it! Thanks for the pic, and the way you do things. Like I said before. "GOOD THINGS ARE NICE WHEN YOUR CO. IS INVOLVED"

  • Oh my goodness, that is just too cute!

  • Bella looks like she saying don't I look pretty in my pink dress.

  • Cute dogs.....Happy Easter to you also!!!

  • that is a nice picture u have over there.i really want to know about this site.happy easter to you too.enjoy the rest of the day and be happy for our sins have been forgiven

  • Well you both certainly have the style and taste to sweep the others away!The way you "lean" right into the light of the egg, just to get a good shot! How professional! Rules or not, I will be amazed if you two do not take the Grand Prize.Try to be humble when you accept the award...and please Francesca, be dainty as you eat the kibble!

    Love, Auntie Chimey

  • Oh please, don't give my mom ideas. Easter is the only holiday I have yet to endure getting some silly stuff put on me. Antlers at Christmas, Shamrocks on St. Paddy's. Bunny ears?? That's where I draw the line!
    Borias (aka Mama's Boy)

  • ROFL!!! F&S you look so cute!!
    Mom would probably do that do us too but we would eat the rabbit ears! LOL
    Martha - Your Frenchies are so willing to pose. How do they stay with extra cookies??? LOL

    Happy Easter from the Yorkie Gang at Paula's Home!

    Bridget, Bentley, Martha and Stewart (bow-wow)

  • Meow! We (The Feline Four) think the kittie photos are most tastefully done. We ran into a dog like one of those photographed on the website - all dressed up like
    somethin' and we hissed at him because we hadn't ever seen anything like it!
    He tucked his tail between his legs, yelped and ran off! Ha! We Felines know who we are and wouldn't EVER be caught in an embarrassing outfit like this!
    Pearl, Cali, Orange' and Smokey

  • Awe your pooches sure do deserve to win. I so love the rest of them espcially the little black one thathas it eyes looking upwards,like saying" Do i really have to humiliate yself this way" lol.

  • By the way I am a PPA certified professional photographer, I am willing to judge your dog contest so your employees beautiful dogs can enter the nice to your crew-they work hard for you!!!

  • You silly dogs.

  • I have to tell you that I have a lady that watches your show in a country other than the US, has found my sites and thinks I'm you. I've tried to tell her she has the wrong person but can't get through. She now wants your recipe for apple dough.
    Martha Cheves

  • Hahaha, so cute!

  • Love the photo! If only my two Chow Chow-mixes had been able to fit into a basket, it would've been a lot easier to get this photo of them!

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