More of our trip to Maine with Uncle Carlos

Posted by Francesca

Now that we celebrated Easter and Passover, we thought we should show you some more of our road trip to Maine with Uncle Carlos.  Once we crossed the Maine border, we drove for another four hours, or so, before we got to Skylands.  Of course, we did make some interesting stops and, by the way, the lobster rolls were delicious!

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We went walking on one of the beaches and good thing we were wearing our warm coats.

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  • Dear Sharkey & Franny,
    I didn't realize that Skylands was so far from your farm but of course it would be a long waysto go by car. You must have been tired when you reached Skylands good thing your Uncle Carlos stopped a lot to let you stretch your legs.

    Have you ever gone camping? I haven't my Mama idea of camping is slow room service! But I can dream about it. Did you hike with your Mama today after Easter lunch? I bet you would have to run to keep up with her or use roller blades!
    Maine looks about right for me I have a lot of fur and get so hot.
    Thank you for sharing your road trip photos with us other doggies.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning F & S
    What a busy weekend I had. The Easter egg hunt was a big success. I found a purple egg that the kids missed. I was running all around the yard with it and chewed it to pieces. I was happy when everyone left, those kids make me tired.
    Good thing Uncle Carlos had you dressed warm, it looks cold in Maine. And snow - YUK - I don't like the snow. My favorite place to hang out when it's cold is over the heat vent. We have one in the corner of our kitchen and it's my best spot to take a nap. I could sit there all day. I also love to lay out on the lounge chairs on our deck. Mom brought the comfy cushions out Sunday so I'm sure I'll be out with dad today laying in the sun while he is working on the pool.
    Maybe the next time your mom comes to South Jersey you two could stop by - we could do drinks by the pool and lounge in the sun.

  • great memory photos! sounds like a fun trip and experience with Uncle Carlos!that was a long trip but it seems that you two pups had a great time with Uncle Carlos eating and site-seeing! wish I could have experienced that!

  • S & F,

    It looks like you had a nice holiday. It's always nice to get out of town for a bit!

  • Hi Frannie!

    Wasn't Easter great?!? Sounds like the two of you really had a wonderful and much deserved break in Maine! Your house there is SO beautiful and the *nice* witch's house. :)

    I've been hearing a lot about "ROLLS" lately, and I must say that I need to investigate things further. Starting with the lobster rolls: I'll have to say I could almost smell them when I read how you BOTH had to make a roadside stop for these delicacies! Yum!

    Do you like Chinese food? I really love it! My favorite is the EGG ROLL...and I've just learned that the VIPs in D.C. are hosting an egg roll...maybe one day they'll host a lobster roll, too! I always say..."Refreshments are first order of diplomacy!"...Especially helpful in a pinch!

    But then again, I'd be thrilled just to have a Tootsie Roll!

    Bye girls...enjoy your spring and maybe we can see some shots of the two of you sunbathing in the Hamptons' this summer, OUI? ;)

  • I hope you both enjoyed Acadia National Park! My mama was there in 2001 during a trip up & down the coast of Maine. It's a beautiful national treasure. The views are fabulous, regardless of how tall you are. You should also go to the nearby village of Bar Harbor. It has quaint shops & restaurants. I bet you would make a lot of new friends!

  • Hi Ladies - Glad you had a nice holiday weekend and the photos of the roadtrip to Maine are fabulous. It looks really cold there right now, not at all like the wildflower spring we are having here in California. I stayed in the house yesterday because my Mom was busy in the kitchen making one of Martha's recipes with Fava Beans and I am not allowed outside without her supervision. BTW, I do not like Fava Beans, but the "lobster roll" you mentioned sounds divine. TTYL kiss kiss, Ivana

  • I'm glad you're wearing your coat. The pictures were really pretty, except, I can do without seeing the snow. I'm sure Uncle Carlos keeps a good eye on you....don't be hunting any game larger than a squirrel. Does Martha or Uncle Carlos ever see any other wildlife wandering around? Like deer, moose or turkey? Remember, it's good to watch them from a distance....

  • Love the photo of Martha's furnace. I am a home improvement project person. I show people my furnace & 75 gallon hot water heater. Who knows why - neither parent was mechanical. Puget Sound has been constant rain - maybe there are no plants to show off instead!

  • Oh man, looks like a wild trip! Lookin' good as always Francesca, but I don't know if I'd head up there myself. Where are all the red bulls and wings??

    Either way, gimme a call, babe!

  • Dear Sharkey and Francesca,

    You might like the homemade Petite Pup Treats at http://www.sweetdogorganics for your next road trip. Yummy and good for you.

  • What cute pictures!! I like the one on the beach with the jacket on. :)

  • Hi Girl Friends, Hope you had a great Easter. The weather here was rainy and windy most of the day. Thanks for sharing more of you trip to Maine with Uncle Carlos. He sure is a nice guy and he takes great pictures of you two. Your home in Maine sure is beautiful and Martha's new furnace is great. I'd sure like to visit there some day and sit with you in your lawn chairs. WOW! That sure would be a blast! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: I go on road trips too, but not very far. My parents take me to Pet Smart and then once in a while, they take me to the Lynaire Deluxe Boarding Kennel. I get a bath and get my nails done and stay in a suite called (they have several suites - each a different name) the Couch Potato Room. I get nature walks, playtime, water all the time, and snacks and a good breakfast and dinner. The ladies there come into my room and we play and they pet me alot. I get to exercise in the fenced-in play area. Since it is a couch potato room I have my very own puppy couch to nap on. Do the two of you get to stay in fancy rooms too? It's raining here in NC so I'm going to go have a nap. Have fun and don't forget to dance - Love Gracyn

  • Mrrrow. Mommie said 'wow' when she saw the snow still on the ground, and those harbor waters looked weally chillwy! Hope you two didn't get your wittle tootsies all wet! I HATE it when MY tootsietoes get the slightest bit damp! I don't even play in my water bowl. I'm gwad you had your wittle jackets on to keep you warm. Hang in'll be catchin' some rays soon out on the veranda! Pwease send me a postcard! - mommie's in the phone book. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Aren't little ankle boots cute? They reimnd me of little ankle-high horseback riding boots that I've owned at different times growing up. Of course, they were never in style back then (late '80s/early '90s) because everyone wanted to wear Doc Martens. And now they're fashionable. Oh the irony!

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