Inspecting the new trees on the farm

Posted by Francesca

There was so much commotion at the farm last Friday. We heard that 500 Christmas trees were being planted as part of a reforestation project. We always like to keep on top of what's going on so we decided to go and inspect the progress.

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Sharkey, you go that way and I'll go this way. Let's make sure that these trees have been planted correctly. You know how particular Martha is.

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  • Hi Francesca, what an amazing project, you and Sharkey look so cute in the field. I am sure you both had a great time.
    Love you

  • Hi F & S
    Looks like you had a busy day Friday. In your second picture Uncle Carlos looks a bit stressed, were you doing something not to his liking? Mom gets that look a lot when I help her garden and it's usually not a "Good Thing" that I was doing. I relaxed all weekend, watched dad work on the pool, I lounged in my chair listening to the waterfall. Life is good :)

  • Hi F&S,
    I had a feeling you gals would get in on the action somehow. How do those little trees look from your angle? That was a neat machine they used to plant them. Wow, I was amazed. I guess you know if you happen to find any truffles, your mommy would really like to know. She told us she likes them. I guess we'll see you on the taped show on Arbor Day. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: WOW! I bet that was alot of fun. Did you help them plant all those trees or did you sit and watch? I would love to help them plant cause I can really dig in the dirt when I want to. My parents and I have an artificial tree (Martha Stewart) that I helped set up last year. When it was all fixed up, I didn't even bother all the bright and shiny stuff on it. Boy, I just liked to look at all the glitter stuff and lights and I like to lie under the tree too. Reminds me of the forest. Well, got to go play with some toys. Have fun today - Love Gracyn

  • When the trees get big,I wonder how many squirrels are going to make their home there? Seems you'll be busy..

    Way to go,

  • Mrrrow. You two are mrrrowy good helpers! Ya' know, in order to earn our keep (you know, room and board in the wonderful homes we live in), we have to do our part sometimes and help awound the house! Looks like you two did just that! I'm an old boy and help when I can, but my sister Mandy =^..^= helps mommie with evwything! She's just soooo curious and has her wittle pink nose in EVWYTHING! Mommie tells us what she's doing, and usually talks us thru the process. She's a good mommie...I weally wuv her! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi F & S,

    Kirby here. I think that it’s great that you have so many trees to investigate on your farm. I have some big trees in my back yard. One time, when in Alaska, I investigated one of those “Black Spruce” trees really close. It took my mama almost an hour to cut that spruce tar out of my long guard hairs. It was so embarking for me. Next time I stood a little farther away from the tree.

    See you later, Kirby

  • Hi Girl Friends, I sure wish my mom had a beautiful farm like your mom does so I could do all of the fun things that you guys get to do. I would love all of the different smells around your farm because my favorite thing is to check out new smells. When my mom takes me or a walk, she calls it a "stop" because I stop every few seconds to check out new smells. Isn't life fun?!!! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hi guys! Good job supervising!

    My mom trained me to dig holes when she gardens, but I don't think I could do 500 trees! I still have to learn to throw the dirt away from her, though - it usually ends up all over her and she gets a little peeved :-)

    My brother Moshe can't seem to learn that you're only supposed to dig holes when mom asks for them. Of course he also needs to learn not to dig up plants and bring them to mom as "presents". I wonder if I was that much trouble at 11 months?

  • what a life! getting to run around all those trees, taking in fresh air and being with your pal Uncle Carlos...great project! revitalizing this earth with new trees...tell your mommy Martha to be proud to be able to do that!

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