Hunting for Easter eggs

Posted by Sharkey

Don't you all just love a good Easter egg hunt?  Francesca and I put on our Bunny ears and tails and went outside and had some fun.  We wish you all a happy Easter and Passover. 

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Easter egg hunts are so much fun!

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  • Hi gals,
    You might want to keep your eyes open for rabbits who might think you two are rabbits too. He or she might want you to go hippity hopping all day, which is okay but then, no more Easter egg hunting! Your mom just said she was having an egg hunt tomorrow, so get ready! Happy Easter sweeties and to all of your friends on The Daily Wag!

  • Happy Easter Franny & Sharkey!!!
    Big wet nose smooches from Frito in Texas!!

  • Hi Kids,
    Happy bunny day to you, hippy hop hop hop Easter's on it's way.
    Wow with all those eggs we could make a lot of scrambled eggs, I love scrambled eggs don't you?
    Have fun on the farm and chase some squirrels for me!( no skunks watch out for them they are disguised as bunnies right now so be very careful)

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Sharkey,
    You 2 are the cutest bunnies. Did you share your basket with Francesca?
    You're lucky you weren't mistaken for a rabbit; Francesca has pretty good hunting skills for a Frenchie!
    Happy Easter,

  • oh my, these are the cutes French munchkin wabbits I've ever seen! Love your ears and tails...just like a had me fooled..what a fun day for you two pups.

  • F & S
    Happy Easter! Don't you feel foolish wearing those bunny ears??? I can't wait for the egg hunt tomorrow. All mom's nieces and nephews come and we have a big egg hunt. Mom can't hide the eggs until right before everyone arrives because me and my 3 Lab brother and sisters find them and bring them into the house. Last year we got in big trouble because we were eating the candy inside. I chewed up all the money in the eggs I found - boy was mom mad.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  • Hi Girl Friends, These sure are cute pictures of both of you. At first I thought you were kitties like Edgar and then my mom said you were dressed to look like bunnies. Still don't know what bunnies are, but they must be cute. Have a wonderful Easter and let me know if you got to taste the ham. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hi,
    Happy Easter Sharkey and Francesca. You two are the cutest bunnies ever.
    Laura from Arizona

  • You both look so lovely and cute.
    Happy Easter! Sharkey and Francesca

  • Oh my. I would try this with my Cat but I am sure that she would have none of it. They seem to be enjoying themselves! Happy Easter

  • MrrrowMrrrowMrrrow. Oh, you two look sooo boo-ti-ful in your wittle bunnieears! I almost mistook Franny as the Easterbunnie herself with her wittle cotton tail-n-all. You look so chipperpipper after finding your basket of goodies. I got a hug and a kiss for Easter - that's all...I'm getting a little too old even for catnip! It has become blase in my old age. Oh well, I know mommie loves me the bestest. Prrr. =^..^=

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