Bunnies everywhere!

Posted by Sharkey

Last week, Martha had our friend, Marc Morrone, on her TV show and he taught the audience all about pet bunnies. Francesca and I were watching it at home and it's a good thing we weren't at the show because Martha said right there on television that Francesca would probably go after a bunny if she saw one. Anyway it was a pretty fascinating show and you should really watch it online if you are thinking about getting a bunny.

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See why it's called a Lionhead?

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  • My Mama and I just love bunnies and we think they are so cute. I love Easter time and all the beautiful smells and colors that surround me.

    My Mama gets me my own Easter basket filled with doggie treats, do you girls get one too?

    Here comes Peter cotton tail hopping down the bunny trail hippity hop hop Eatser's on it's way. I can't wait for my basket of treats.

    Bunnies everywhere, chows love to chase bunnies but it isn't a good thing so I am only allowed to watch from afar and dream of running through the fields chasing little rabbits!

    Happy Spring Sharkey & Franny

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • My mom loves bunnies. She has been wanting to get one for the last few years, but worries I don't want to share her attention. This may be true, however it would be nice to have a fellow furbaby to interact with. Besides - who doesn't love Bun Buns?

  • Good morning Sharkey: I hope you are planning a full day of fun and dancing with Martha. My mom has a whole room full of crafts (many are ideas from Martha). She won't let me roam around in there, but I sneak in there every once in a while to have a look and do some serious sniffing.

    Bunnies are fun to watch. I want to go over to them to say hello, but they hop, hop, hop away as fast as they can. Hope they are not scared of me. Mom said they bring baskets full of really swell snacks to good puppies. I'm always a good girl so I should get tons of stuff this Easter. Got to go have my mid-morning nap now. Have a great day with Francesca and the bunnies. So long for now - Love Gracyn.

  • Hi gals,
    Someone on the Radio and Television boards was asking about this show just the other day so I hope they watched it online because they want to buy a bunny. Sharkey, are you saying only Franny would go after a bunny if she saw one? Are you just pulling a bunny's ear or do you only like to tease the donkeys? I think both of you are a handful but a lovable handful. Btw, I think I like the black Lionhead bunny in picture #3. He or she reminds me of my poodle who always brought twigs and leaves into the house. I kept his fur long unlike a regular poodle and I had to do a lot of brushing! He was a little handful too.

  • OOOOoooooh I love bunnies

  • hello frannie and sharkey.
    I am french too, but i am a white minature french poodle dog. your mommy is very wise to not let you chase the bunnies. My mommy and sissy wont get me chase bunnies either, they say i might make the little bunnies sick because they would get too nervous if i chased them. Mommy says instead i can have adoggie treat shaped likea bunny

  • Mrrrow. Oh, what boo-ti-full wittle bunniewabbits! I got to see this show wast week, and I behaved myself prrrtty well. See, I'm old now - I'm 17 1/2! - I just basically eat and sleep most of my days now and don't get frisky too awful much anymore. Mommie said she wanted ALL of these wabbits (but I hope she can't, cuz IIII want to be her wittle [one and ONLY!] snugglebunniekittie!) The lop eared wabbit in photo #5 has the same hair color as my mommie, and that Flemish Giant?! - this one reminded mommie of me, back when I weighed 17 lbs ('cept my ears are much smaller -n- my fur is grey). I only weigh about 8 or 9, now... Mommie's favorite is the Dutch bunnies...I always noticed she primarily favored black-n-white kitties, but I know in my feline heart that I HAVE won her over! That makes me prrrr! =^..^=

  • Dear F and S,
    We watched the bunnies on your mom's show. We love to chase bunnies very much. On our island, my dad feeds the snowshoe rabbits. He gives them bunny food but they also eat sunflower seeds that fall off the bird feeders. They are still pretty much white with black eyes and a few touches of darkening fur. Xtra sits on the kitchen bench and talks to them out of the window. Diva looks at them from the deck. Barking at them does not do any good nor does using a Siberian howl! Flint, 13, tried to chase one but the rabbit took off under the walkway decking and escaped. Rabbits are very smart!
    We still wish you would come visit. You would love getting dirty in our volcanic ash. It stinks too! Unfortunately you have to get your feet washed after being out in it. Do you guys like to play with magpies? Magpies love huskies and come to play in our yard every day. Love, Xtra, Diva and Flint (or X, D, and Flint)

  • Hi Girls,

    Kirby here. I just live rabbits too. One time we were traveling in our fifth-wheel and visiting in Utah. We were staying in Moab for a few days. The campground had many trails where the little bunnies would hide form me. One morning at just about sunup, I had to make a pit stop. When mama opened the door, I saw so many rabbits I didn’t know what to do. While I was standing there, they all started running at the same time. Of course I just had to run also almost making my mama fall down the steps. Needless to say, I didn’t catch one of those critters. The campground was covered with Mulberry Trees and most of the berries were on the ground. I thought that my purple footprints on the carpet looked really cool but mama didn’t think so. She used a lot of that club soda stuff that day.

    See you soon, Kirby

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