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Martha took us to a lake the other day where she was testing out a new boat. It was pretty exciting. Sharkey had a fun play date and I had some quality time with Martha.

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This reminds me of when we get to go on the boat in Maine, I just LOVE being on the water!

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  • I think your Mama is lazy she isn't helping to row row row your boat!!!!!
    I hope you didn't try to go for a swim Franny, water looks really cold.
    Sharkey you are having so much fun on shore.

    Wish I had been there to play too.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow

  • Francesca! love the photos. I am sure you had a great time with Martha, Sharkey really missed it.

  • Good Morning F & S
    Sharkey, I have a sister who looks just like your new friend, her name is Sophie. I agree with you, I'd much rather run around and play than sit on a boat. Mom says I get too rough with the big dogs and I have the little scabs to prove it. I am so fast that those big guys don't even come close to catching up with me. I get right underneath them and try and bite their necks. That's when I catch a tooth - OUCH!!! One of my other favorite things is when they are laying down trying to nap I bite their tails - boy does that get their attention. If you'd like I can bring Sophie, T-Bone and Precious up for a play date and we can chase them all over the farm. Or, I could just come and we can chase the donkeys or Franny. Looks like she was trying to score brownie points with Martha, I'm sure she was bored to death on that boat.
    Have a good day.

  • Wow! You guys get to have all the fun! I've never been in a Mom is overprotective (she's good to me, though). I have to be careful of big dogs because I'm little and they could squash me if they were to get carried away with play! Bye!

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Oh boy! A boat ride! We don't have a boat, but I bet if we did I could ride in it all day long. Of course, my mom would make me wear a life jacket just in case. Hope you don't get sea sick. Wonder what that means. Mom says it is not very pleasant. Sharkey, what a cool play friend you got. Does your friend know how to dance??? You should give lessons to all of your friends. Well, must go and have a sun bath in the doorway. Love, Gracyn

  • I too am a Frenchie; however, water sports are not my favorite past time.....legs too short, body to heavy, and I sink! Plus, I get too cold! I like dry and warm. Speaking of dry and warm, where can I find a cute coat like the one Sharkey is wearing? Lili

  • Mrrrow. Fwannie, where is your wifejacket?!! Sure hope you weren't in that water too awful wong! We kc's wike water-n-all, but only on OUR terms...WE want to be in control 'n decide WHEN we want to play in it or not... Looks like Sharkeybarkey found a new fwiend with the same energy level she has, plus they both have the same color hair. Mrrrowy neat, huh?! Oh, I think YOU'RE neat, Fwannie! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Oh Francesca, I was a little nervous to see you out on the boat - you are a curious type. Being a retriever, I love being in the water, boat or no boat. But, it looks like you had so much fun there. Sharkey sure had a good time playing with that Lab.....

  • What brand are those harnesses? I have a Frenchie and those look like they would work perfect for their bodies.

  • love the coats the francesca and sharkey are wearing in the May issue of MArtha Stewart Living magazine! Where can I find these?! thx Penny Loo

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Julie, So glad you like our coats from the May issue. They were a custom job, made by someone in Martha's craft department.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Cassady - Our harnesses are called K-Style. Martha bought them at a pet store in NYC called Spoiled Brats. The harnesses are very comfortable since we don't have much of a neck.

  • I just went on my first boat ride too, well actually it was a canoe. I loved it and hung my paws outside the canoe the whole ride. I am a service dog in training and my Mom has a blog of me too, there are pictures of our canoe trip on it. :)

  • very nice day with your mommy! hope you realize how fortunate you pups are...I love seeing all those photos, keep em coming.

  • Hi Girl Friends, I'm not sure which fun thing I would choose to do...come to think of it,I probably would go with Martha on the boat because I wouldn't want her out of my sight. Playing with the new friend sure looks like fun, too. I've never been in a boat. My favorite thing to do is ride in mom's truck and count all of the people and dogs I see looking out of the window. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hey Frannie and Sharkie,
    That looks like a wooden boat and is beautiful. You have to tell your Mama Martha to get a kayak, if she doesn't already have one. They are so much fun.
    Be good puppies,
    Bunny in New Jersey

  • Now THAT'S a cool boat! :)

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