An update from our friend Karen Tracy

Posted by Sharkey

We know how sad you all were about the horrible explosion and fire that took place at Karen Tracy's Pazzazz Chow Kennel. Fires are really, really scary. Karen posted this comment on Martha's blog and we asked her if we could honor Karen by sharing it with all of our furry readers.

This is the very first time I have looked at all the comments on Martha's blog about the dogs, the fire/explosion and the propane truck driver, Timothy and the kennel. It is almost 2am and yet again, almost 6 weeks later, I am sitting here crying. This was a tragedy for everyone involved. I am truly devastated over this and I don't know if I will ever be the same anymore. But, I do want everyone to know that there were so many wonderful people here that day to try to help all of us in any way they could. The fireman, the policemen, the veterinarians, the vet techs, neighbors, friends, relatives, the CART team, the Fish and Game guys and all the other people that came to help. To all of them, I thank them for being thoughtful caring people. I thank them for dropping everything they were doing that day to come to help all of us. We would have been lost without their efforts. This was and is a devasting event that happened. It affected many people and animals. Words cannot describe the heaviness in our hearts. It is the positive comments and support that keeps us all going. I know it is not enough and they are only two little words but from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

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  • Thank you for posting an update on Karen and her Chows, I have thought of her often since early March.
    Hoving loving chows in my life for over 30 years they are such wonderful companions. I am hopeful she can and is rebuilding her life in PA. It is painful and hard and you take it hour by hour and step by step. She can't bring back the dogs loss but she can rebuild and keep their memories alive through the good works of so many people who she cares for and who care for her and her dogs.
    I can't even imagine the sadness and pain she has endured these past six weeks, my good thoughts and prayers are sent her way.

    Pam from California & Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • It's in the worst of times when us dogs must all stick together Mom says. She is very thankful for people like Timothy who see us as just as important as people. A salute to them everywhere: Wooooofffff Roooffff Woof Woof!

  • Hi there everyone: I am Gracyn's mom and I wanted to say how sad it made us feel when all those little lives were lost that day. Deep in my heart and soul I know that they all cross over to heaven and we will be with them again some day. Much love to Francesca and Sharkey from me and from Gracyn. Make sure to dance each and every day. I'd better go now. Gracie doesn't like me to take over her official job as "writer of comments" to the two of you.

  • It was such a sad event that happened, for everyone. I hope Karen can keep looking forward, many good things are sure to come her way. It's nice to know that she has such good dog friends.

  • Mrrrow. Awww, it's good to hear from Ms. Tracy! Sure wish she were feelin' better 'n this horrible thing never happened. I remember mommie hugging me-n-my sister Mandy alot and kissing us after we heard that this happened. Mommie's been prayin' for Ms. Tracy and Mr. Kleinhagen and has wondered how they're doing. She keeps a list at her store of people to pray for, just as a weminder when she sees it. Awwww. Poor wittle Ghengis. I know I'll see him someday in Heaven, 'cause that's where mommie says I'm goin'. To be wespectful, no prrrs in closing. =^..^=

  • Mom and I were really upset when we heard about the explosion. Mom always says- be greatful for today and enjoy it, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Karen is very lucky to be alive. God bless her and her animals.

    I think that's why mom kisses her kids (us dogs) a lot - she really loves us :)


  • I hope Karen takes comfort in knowing that all things are for a reason(that's my believe through my faith)...we all learn through these lessons, no matter what they are, and then move on with a renewed spirit. My heart breaks for Karen knowing the pain, but just knowing that she has so much support should give her some comfort and healing.
    My mommy lost both her horses within 6 months last year, and at that time I came along(a feral cat)now my name "Kitty"...I would be dead because it was the harshest winter in 100yrs, so for me(Kitty)I have a home and helped heal mommies broken heart of loosing her precious horses.

  • Hi guys who won the Pet Easter Contest? There were so many entries, but I don't see a winner listed yet.

  • Hi Girl Friends, You have no idea how sad I am about the terrible thing that happened in March. When my sister died on Feb. 24, 2006 of a ruptured disk{she was a silver dapple dachshund} I cried for days and looked everywhere for her. I know she is in heaven with Paw Paw, Ghenghis Khan and all of the other dogs because all Dogs go to heaven and Cats, too. I sure hope Karen, Mr. Kleinhagen and all of the other dogs are doing better. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Karen,
    No words can help right now but know that we are behind you in your efforts to heal for the better.
    All animals are precious and we learn so much from them day by day.
    May you take comfort in knowing we still have you in our prayers and hopefully you'll have your kennel rebuilt again.
    Us Yorkies here - Bridget, Bentley, Martha and Stewart send you lots of hugs and licks and to dry those tears with some happier memories.
    May God Bless you.
    The Yorkies and our Mom - Paula M.

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