What is that thing up on the shelf?

Posted by Francesca

The other day when Sharkey and I were dancing down in Betsy's office, I was distracted by something perched on her shelf.  It really didn't look like it belonged there and I wanted so badly to investigate.

A note from Betsy:  These stuffed chickens were a gift from Whiting Farms.  Whiting Farms raises specialty chickens so that their feathers can be used for the fly-fishing trade.

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Let me get a closer look.

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  • Woof from YogaDawg!

  • no doubt in my mind you would tear it apart...it's just too tempting of an object that would move...Oh! I attacked a stuffed toy Siamese kitty this morning, if I had not been told "No" by mommy it would be shredded...ah but we really only want to play, right???

  • I too have a 4 year old ( adopted) Frenchie, that dances and wiggles and waggles. His name is Tex. He has the same, black and brindle markings as Francesca.

    Don't you just love there personalities?
    Keep the photos coming.
    Norwood, Massachusettes

  • I hate when Mom puts stuff up too high for me to investigate. I'm always on the alert for falling objects, never know when it's going to be something tasty!

  • Inquiring minds want to know... Dogs are always investigating new things that what's so special about owning a dog. Their minds are fascinating when they see something new.By the way it's nice to see that you are doing a Blog about dogs.....

  • Hey there Francesca...you're quite the little babe! See if you can get your human to bring you 'round to my manse - I'll take you on a squirrel hunt you'll never forget...and then we'll share some squirrel pie by candlelight! Hehehehehe...know what I mean? Love the new blog - it's great! I'll be back to check in on your activities soon...DOG'S RULE! xoxo, Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog

  • Mrrrow. That chicken up on the shelf - what's on top of it's head?! It looks like the topknot on a poodledoggie. (Mommie's grandmother used to raise AKC-registered toy/teacup poodles and yorkies.) Frannie, if I would've been there with you, I could've scaled those bookshelves in a jiffy and gotten that chicken down for you, so you could have a new playtoy. We kc's are God-given trapeze artists, you know... The higher, the better, too! We like to perch ourselves up high so we can look out and oversee EVERYSING! [mrrrowed with a straight/polished halo!] Prrrr. =^..^=

  • (Mrrrow. I forgot to mrrrask: Franniegirl, are you brindle in color?! I tho't you were solid black. I's just wonderin', that's all. Mrrrow. [It doesn't matter - red, yellow, black, white - we're all preciouspuppies/kitties in His sight!]) =^..^=

  • Hello Francesca: My name is Gracyn and my mom and dad adopted me from the TriBeagle Rescue in Raleigh NC. I have a swell home and crate and they always take me to Pet Smart to buy my food and treats. I get to sleep on a king-size bed with them too. My mom won't allow me to investigate things in high places. She and dad watch over me like a hawk. Did I mention I also have a very large fenced-in yard? I graduated from obedience school too. Too bad we couldn't met some day and play in the yard.

  • Being a Yorkie-Poo being vertically challenged is frustrating! My mommy always puts things up high, and I can't reach them to sniff or taste them. She says they are dangerous for me...but they don't look dangerous, they look delicious!

  • I can't believe it Francesca is the spitting image of my French Bulldog Seigfried (because he's a hero), born in August 2007. A wonderful breed.

  • Now Francesca, you may look like an angel, but of course you would tear it up & have a blast while doing it! And, you'd probably invite Sharkey to help out. You have a very inquisitive nature. I don't think much gets by you.
    I see in one of your pictures a blue ribbon, which bring to mind, I wish someone could design a "ribbon rack" where mine could be displayed nicely. There doesn't seem to be a neat way to hang them up without it looking so cluttered! Any ideas?
    Meanwhile, best to keep 4 paws on the ground,

  • The Thing on the Shelf

    There are things you see while dancing,
    Canty moves,like flipping and prancing.
    Nosey Franny needs a closer look
    Up there on the shelf,it's not a book.
    It's a strange looking chicken OMG,
    Martha loves them,isn't that odd?
    Feathers used for fishing flies,
    Humans catch them,to make pies.
    They wont let me play with it,not today.
    I wont tear it apart,not right away.
    You might think that I'm foiled again,
    But I'll find a way,before the rain.

    keep smiling.

  • Hi Francesca,
    You are so lucky you can see what's on that shelf. Today, I went totally blind ~ I've had glaucoma in one eye for about a year and my mom religiously gives me drops to relieve the pressure and keep me from pain. Over the last few days, my vision became really fuzzy and this morning I awoke and couldn't see.My mom took me to the vet and he confirmed I have glaucoma in my other eye and now I can't see at all. My mom is so sad, she cries ~ I lick her face and taste the salt of her tears. I know my meds are really expensive and she just lost her last PR consulting job ~ so it's not been a very good day. And I am miserable ~ she has to drag me to my food and water; I don't want to go outside because I have to go down two flights of stairs that I can no longer see.

    You are so lucky to have Sharkey and that you can see. And,my mom has really enjoyed reading your blogs to us because, she, like Martha is a true animal lover and would adopt every animal in need if she could. All she can do right now is support the American Humane Society and Popcorn Park in NJ.

    I'm hoping eventually, I will be able to follow my brother, Popper, who can be my seeing eye dog when I finally get used to living in a world of darkness ~ and never being able to see my beautiful,caring mommy again. I still love to give her kisses, tho'
    Love and be well,

  • Hi Frannie, You sure do look cute standing on your hind legs to see that chicken up on the shelf! I wish you would teach me how to stand like that. My mom puts things up high so I can't investigate them either. Whenever she can't find something, she always says "if it fell on the floor, then Dudley will find it and think it's his" and I do find it, but she always takes it away anyway. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • Francey...I'm posting here out of frustration...your new blog segment on "Francesca ponders her beauty" will not allow my comment post to be featured...glitch?? none of my info like name email, website does not show up. so if you read this, can you let your mommy or Laura Plimpton and Eliad Laskin know that there is a glitch? this actually happens on several of your blogs....am I the only one?
    Thanks mucho

  • Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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