We go antiquing!

Posted by Francesca

Not too long ago, Martha took us antiquing in Stamford at The Antique & Artisan Center.  We usually stay outside in the car or walk around the neighborhood a bit, but it was so cold that the owners asked us in.  Their cute little dog, Parker, was there and we had an impromptu play date, which was fun.  We saw a lot of antiques, too.

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Martha loved this convex mirror. She said it was wonderful but too expensive.

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  • I posted to you gals yesterday but my post never showed up so it is gone.
    It looks like you get to meet a lot of other neat dogs in your travels what fun you must have meeting all the many different dog breeds.
    I am to big to go shopping with my Mama but she takes me for fun rides and walks along the ocean. I have never gone antiquing with her I would knock over to many pricey items lol!
    Be good you two.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Cow from California

  • F & S
    Looks like you had a fun time antiquing. My mom takes me shopping but I'm only allowed in the pet shops, I think your mom has a little more pull then my mom, you get to go everywhere.

    Next time you plan on coming down to South Jersey let me know, I'd love to hang. Even if your mom has a book signing I'll have my mom bring me along. She went to the one at Williams & Sonoma in Philadelphia but had dinner plans afterwards so that didn't work out.

    Have a good day :)

  • Hi F & S,

    Good thing you told everyone you weren't for sale. I would not like to see you living at someone else's house, just Martha's! Your little friend Parker is as cute as you two are.

    I read somewhere that you will be on the Today Show on Wednesday. We'll be watching so smile pretty!

  • Mrrrow. Mrrrambunctious ones, you know what they say in these places? - "you break it, you bought it!" Mrrrew, I'm glad nothing got broken! (That would've taken ALL smiles off of EVERYONE'S mugs!) Mommie grumbles sometimes about my sister Mandy =^..^=...something about a bull and a china shop... Mrrrow. Oh! Mommie says that Alexis would basically be your big sister, not cousin. Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Furniture shopping is more fun when you both can go. See how you & Sharkey agreed upon what chair you'd like to buy? You even made a new friend...
    If the weather here in NY returns back to spring (as it feels like winter again), maybe you can go explore around the farm, but, stay away from the skunks! Maybe you'll catch that ol' squirrel this time.
    Keep your tail wagging,

  • Hi Francesa and Sharkey!

    I just spoke with your mom on her radio show. She clearly loves you guys a lot!

    I am thrilled at how adept you both are at writing. Do you ever do guest blogging? I would love to have you chat on my site! Especially about how blogging has impacted your lives.

    Your lives are so exciting. You blog, you go antiquing, you are internet saavy, you chase donkeys and wear fabulous clothes!

    I would love to be in touch!

    A Huge Fan!
    Keep Warm!
    Amanda B.

  • I cannot get enough of your blog! Thanks so much for updating it consistantly and sharing your adventures with us. Love that outdoor table complete with the dog on it. You are fortunate to live in Martha's house. Wish I did! ; ) Keep this blog coming!!

  • Hi,
    My name is Ellie Mae and I am a pug who loves to play and eat. I love Martha's receipes although I don't often get a taste. My Mom keeps saying I am on a diet. If you are ever in Woodland California please let us know and you can play with me in my big back yard while your Mom and my Mom exhange receipes and craft ideas. Hope to see you you soon.
    Love ya, Ellie Mae

  • Hi,Loved the show and the sweaters. My owner was busy making doggie Easter baskets.You need to take a look at them on our web..yumyumgourmet.com. Hope to see more of you on Martha's show.

  • You girls are lucky to get to go shopping with your mommy! My mommy said I like to eat everything, I especially like shiny things! I love this new blog! You two sure are princesses! I just eat things!

    Sir Henry
    Eats Alot

  • Hi girls
    My name is CurleySue.I live in San Diego.My Mom Katie stop everything at noon to watch your mother Martha on TV. she teaches us so much. I am a weeinepoo.I love to dig up the back yard and get goffers.Its so much fun.I have seen you on TV .See you are so cute
    love Curley Sue

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