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Posted by Francesca

Did you get to see the dog show the other day on Martha's television show? Well, it was so much fun to be there with so many other fabulous canines. In case you missed it or in case you didn't get enough, here are some photos for you to enjoy. Please let us know what you think. Sharkey and I love reading all of your comments. We thank Anders Krusberg for helping us with our camera! 

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Blue is a very good color on Sharkey.

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  • F & S - it's me Zoe.
    I have to say I think us Frenchie's are the best looking dogs. There were some cuties at the show but us Frenchie's RULE. We look good in anything. We have that classic look but also that don't F*%# With Me Look :) We've got attitude.

    Some of the outfits that those parents put their kids in are ridiculous. I wouldn't be caught dead walking around the city like that.

    Well mom is calling I have to go put my sweater on so I can go play in the snow. First day of Spring - NOT. I should be getting into my Spring jacket and I'm putting on a sweater.

    Have a good weekend - stay away from the Skunks.


  • Hi, Sharkey and Francesca. My name is Lucky and I live in Mableton, GA with my family, including Trouble, a Cairn Terrier. I am part collie, part lab - maybe! My family found me when I had nowhere to live. I sure am loved and very happy here, and Trouble likes me, too! Ah, I live the good dog's life!! My family sure enjoy your blog, and my owner reads Martha's blog daily. Happy Spring!!

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca,
    We all watched the dog show as Dad taped it for Mom while she was working at the Doggie Bakery. We settled in and Mom had a hard time watching as I (Sir Bentley) and Brutus my brother kept barking because of the dog's barking on your show. I got so excited I ran up to the TV screen and licked it when I saw some dog's. Monm was not so pleased with me as I was. She doesn't seem to understand that I was just showing some Love!!
    Dog's Rule!!!

  • Hi gals!

    I'm a fellow frenchie! My mom and I watched the show last night. She wants to know where Martha got those lovely frenchie stuffed animals!

  • Happy Spring gals,
    Wow, now we have lots of new smells to enjoy I can't wait for my walks so I can smell EVERYTHING!
    My Mama won't dress me up because she knows Chow Chows don't like to wear any clothes we just get way to hot with our own fur coats on and our natural under coat Thermo blanket. I will allow her to place a hat upon my head on occasion but I just hate it! I am glad you gals have such fun with your Mama Martha and she takes you to work with her and you get to meet so many humans you lucky girls.
    The photos here are fun, did you see those dogs up in the audience did you see Toto?
    Have a fun weekend and try not to get into to much trouble, no more skunk parties for you.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow from California

  • Hey pups you look so cute in your cardigans! this sweater idea was used for my new foals, we use to put old cardigans on to say they wheren't as fancy as yours, but they did the job...

  • Hey Frannie and Sharkey,
    The Dog Show was great, and you both looked fabulous. Sharkey, I love that picture of you in your aqua nighty!! You naughty puppies!!! However, I must say that the firework knitted hat looked so embarrassing. You would not catch me even playing dead in that thing!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the sprinkling of snow we had this morning. I love to run in the snow, I just get so excited.
    Be well my fellow pooches,
    Bunny in New Jersey

  • A friend of mine mentioned a dog toy that had a voice recorder and dump treats they could play with while your away at work. Can't find any info on your site. Can you help? I have the perfect recipient. Thanks

  • Mrrrow. I got to see your doggie show the other nite with mommie - I could tell she was really enjoying herself! She caressed me during the w-h-o-l-e show practically, AND I got some kisses, too! I was a little scared, though, 'cause it was nothing but doggies - EVERYWHERE I LOOKED! Mrrrow. I was able to see at least that each master really loved their companion. I know MY mommie loves me! - she tells me everyday! Prrrrr. =^..^=

  • So sad. Your Chow puppy had to die in the fire because you were too selfish to bring him home. I remember you introducing him on the show which was a few months back. Exactly how long were you planning on leaving him there I wonder. Poor puppy.

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca
    My name is Ace and I was adopted from the Miami County Animal Shelter in Troy Ohio. I'm part hound, terrier and maybe a little lab. I have a big back yard to run in and every morning I get to go in the car to get the newspaper. When I moved in with my family just over 3 years ago I had a friend named Buster who was a cocker spaniel but he passed away about a year ago. I am the second dog that my family has adopted from a shelter. I sleep every night with my master Chad and when he's not home I sleep with my mom and dad. Chad picked me out at the shelter. I hope my mom and dad will buy me one of those new toys you had on the show.


  • This is my new most favorit-est blog ever!!! Thank you!!!


    Miss B.

  • Yes! I saw the show and I was so excited! I wish there were more shows with dogs as I like to watch TV, but crime shows just BORE me (yawn).
    I especially liked the close-up shot of the beautiful siberian husky in the audience. He (she)looked just like me!!

  • Franny and Sharkey, I cannot tell you how much I love your blog! There's something about the way the two of you sit side-by-side, in identical poses, that gets me giggling: you're so GOOD at modeling! Well done, ladies! Keep up the wonderful writing and photos!

    An adoring fan from New Jersey

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca its Mister Sparklez (from photo #7 in the tux ) =) me and mom had a great time at your dog show on Wednesday, just wanted to say thanks for having us!
    <3 Mister Sparklez

  • Looking good for Spring!

  • Hi F&S!

    No, I don't ever miss a thing on Martha! Especially the dog show! But I don't mind seeing it all again through your eyes. Francesca, you look like a Good & Plenty in that color! (That's a compliment, you know? the licorice!) S, you, too, look delicious!

  • Francesca and Sharkey, Congratulations on your new blog. We need more doggie blogs.

    My Mom buys used baby dresses for less than a dollar at the thrift store and cuts them to fit me.

    I am a 4 month old Maltese. If you have a chance come visit me at my blog

    I look forward to visiting your site everyday.

    Peace, Tessa the Maltese

  • what a bunch of fabulous looking creatures!

  • Hi Doggies,

    I'm Girlie the tabby kitty and I live in Mass. Will Martha's kitties be blogging also?

  • Oh Francesca, it's so nice to see you so neat & clean sporting such a beautiful sweater! It's so much better than seeing you with the tomato juice all over you. Looks like this show was your kind of day!
    Have dog gone good day,

  • got home at 1:30am? so, you are party dogs *!* what fun, asked your mom this morning if I can go for a horsback ride with her, but you know it's just wishful can dream...

  • Do NOT use the hydrogen peroxide method for de-skunking your dog if it's a dark colored dog!!! We used this method on our miniature chocolate lab, Abby, who got sprayed the night before we were leaving for Cape Cod (with Abby)on vacation. It bleached her coat and she was "spotty" for about 3 months.

  • hi. i love all of the attention that dogs are receiving. two great dog books that i recently read, "edgar sawtelle" and "the art of racing in the rain". both are fabulous.
    speaking of fabulous and gutsy...a 22 year old UNC grad opening up a studio in maine, specializing in PET PHOTOGRAPHY. wow, she is not scared of the economy and believing in herself. she is a great example for the youth...volunteering with the land trust and her artistic talents with the dog shelter.
    check out
    great inspirational story for all.
    56 years old and never that gutsy.

  • S & F,

    Mom and I watched the dog show special while on holiday in Florida this past week. I was excited to see other four-legged friends featured just like Mom said I would be.

    Lots of Licks,

  • Love the outfits!!!.... Check out my blog for my "desert outfit" for hiking. Also, my human mom just found out one of her Golden Retriever paintings will be used in the "PAWS for Charity" Breast Cancer Fund Raiser book....WOOF WOOF WOOF.
    Tail Wags to All.
    PS... can we come on your mom's show and let everyone know about this great fund raiser dog & cat book?????

  • Hi Grirls My name is curley sue .I am a black weeinepoo. I was running the street.cold and sick.I went to the fence of a house with dogs. And my new owner took me in.
    We really love each other .In fact I wont let her out of my sight.I know you are really loved and now I am too.

  • Hey girls
    I first want to offer my condolances on the passing of your young chow brother. Being a chow myself I hated hearing of the loss of so many of my "family"
    On a happier note, nice blog and hopefuly you will get a chow brother soon. Somebody has to keep you girls straight.
    Chow for now

  • hi francesca and sharkey!
    i'm juliette, half toy poodle, half bichon frise. my skin is pink, so i cannot stay in the sun very long which is a shame. otherwise, i'm happy with my dad and mom living in a small bungalow with 2 bedrooms.

    happy tailwagging and easter,too!

    juliette from swannanoa, nc

  • woof woof f&s i love when my human watches your human so then i can get a chance to see you guys i stand on my hind paws to see you and greet you on tv i bark and bark i just want to jump in the tv to play and learn with you i am a long-haired dashound so seeing a my size dog is great happy tails to you

  • Dear F&S, hope everyone is well where you are! my name is Georgia-lina i am a mini-daushaund.I have a brother named Jesse James whom is also a mini wiener dog like myself.I have a younger brother whom happens to be a pit bull named Damion.My parents have had him since he was 6 weeks old so I have always been in charge of him.He sometimes thinks I'm as big as he is so I asked mom and dad to find someone his size.They went to the dome which is where you adopt homeless dog's and came home with my new baby sister Chanel#5.She is 5 times bigger than me but I am no longer a chew toy for Damion.Thanks for the bark! Bark at you soon,Georgia-lina Jolie Avant! Mom love's Anjelina Jolie!!

  • Hi, hi, hi. Sam here. Hello friends, Oakleigh poking,

    We want you and everyone else to know that doggers blog and write friendly letters on Dog Personalities on AOL message boards. Look under Pets>Dogs>Dog Personalities. We will be there with other clever puppers who have learned to poke letter to their pals. Sam and I even send paw-mail to students in our Mom's classes. Please join us because we are sure you would have a lovely time.

    Oakleigh Homa

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