Skunk attack

Posted by Sharkey

OMG!!! You will never believe what Francesca got us into.  It's no secret that we, French Bulldogs, love to chase squirrels. In fact, I love squirrel hunting so much that I really wish I knew how to climb up the trees right after those little critters. Well recently, we went outside for some fun and games when something caught our eyes. I had never seen this black and white creature before as it scurried across a snowy field. Francesca told me that it was an especially fancy squirrel with extra fancy two-tone fir, and you know what a fashion sense she has.  So, naturally, we took off after it and it was a pretty easy squirrel to chase because it was kind of slow.  And then it hit us like a brick – this thing sprayed us with something really ghastly – YUCK!!!!

It was pretty obvious that we had been skunk hunting because no one wanted to be near us and they were all making funny faces. How were we supposed to know to stay away from skunks?  I’ve since learned that they are basically nocturnal and this one was out in the day because it was probably hungry or disoriented.  Well, wouldn’t you know, we were banned from the house and then the serious rubber gloves and waterproof apron were put on.  Laura, one of the housekeepers and Christine, an assistant, took us into the flower room, where we were bathed in the big, deep sink.  It was pretty nasty.  Oh, live and learn.

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Laura Acuna washed and rinsed and washed and rinsed. Francesca seems to be looking hungry staring at the sushi on Laura's apron.

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  • I am a Yorkshire Terrier named Rambo and I live in New Hampshire with my Mom, Dad, brothers Ozzie and Izzy (cats... argh)and a sister named Rustina. (She's a bird.) I was born on Mom's pillow (while her head was on it) eleven years ago and we've been inseparable ever since. I let my Mom and Dad think they're in charge, but the truth is I dictate when they go to bed, when they get up, and when Mom gets home from work I make sure she changes from her business suit into her comfy clothes. I have perfected my whine and my bark so that they know what to do and when. I even let them know when my brothers (those pesky cats) want to come in or go out. My family has it made with me in charge!

  • Poor babies and with your keen noses, you must have been gagging all night! Don't worry Francesca, you still look glamorous even with tomato juice all over you. You did make me laugh a little though. Okay, a lot but if your sweet face was in front of me right now, I would kiss it. You too Sharkey! Now remember, black and white - moves slowly - stay away! I love seeing both of you up close. You are so sweet! Bye now. Trish

  • Too funny! When I visit my mama's parents in the country, I have to watch out for those skunks! Of course, I'd much rather chase squirrels. Remember - if they're brown, chase them down. Black and white - better not fight!

  • I'm so glad my dog, Fenny, hasn't done that yet. She chases squirrel but hasn't gotten into chasing skunk yet.

    Hope the smell wears off soon.

  • This is our worst fear! Does the tomato juice REALLY work?

    Joy and Janet

  • Life is full of learning experiences and the two of you have had a wonderful one. Approach new animals with care. Good thing that Martha knows how to remove the stink. Just remember, black and white equals skunk, not squirrel.

  • U poor little stinkpots! I bet you think twice before chasing those funny little squirrel's again!

  • my dogs 2 have been adorned with skunk essence, have tried tomatoe juice & all the other great remedies, recently my chesapeake and boxer mix, both sprayed, used Natures Miracle, does not remove odor entirely, but it is shorter lived (the odor that is), follow instructions, allow it to practically dry, (if u can) & truly will take the odor away, over a few weeks, with natural process (tomatoe juice), odor lingers it seemed 4ever. I do not sell or realize any profit from this, only the desire to remove odor.........that said, I have the most spectacularly beautiful skunk at my birdfeeding station, that seems to be a draw.......he's mostly white and large and beautiful

  • 4got 2 mention, i keep several bottles in my garage, because, it will happen again & a quick response is key.

  • Phew! Phew! You silly gals stinky! I am a chow and I would never chase a skunk you gals need to go to school and learn about Skunks 101 silly you!
    It is my birthday, I am 13 years old and I wanted to tell you so and come over here and post to you because with age comes wisdom and no skunk is going to ever come near little old me!

    Happy Monday Franny & Sharkey.

    Love Mrs. Bosley chow chow
    Who lives in sunny California

  • Oooooh, nasty! You guys need to stay far, far away from those black and white scoundrels. They'll get you every time. you said: "Live and learn". Just make sure you truly learned form this one and don't repeat your mistake.

    Make darned sure you give Laura and Christine lots of lovin' for taking such good care of you. go have fun (but please behave).

  • Haha!! Those skunks can really stink our babies up, can't they?? I have a product that is made to get the stink out and it works well. I will have to try the tomato juice trick though! Great Post!

  • Glad to see you using tomato sause from my home town of Sacramento, Ca.

  • My mommie told me last weekend what happened, and it made me glad that I stay inside! Mrrrow, what an ordeal! I've heard about that nasty tomato juice they use when this happens - I don't even like to get a bath, let alone getting my precious paws wet! Mrrrow! Mommie said that Sharkey was a little rambunctious and that it would eventually catch up with her...every dog has 'er day! That's what mommie says... =^..^=

  • My mommie told me what happened last weekend, and I tho't "ugh ohhh!" made me glad that I get to stay indoors! Mrrrow. I've heard about that nasty tomato juice that they use when this happens, and I don't think I would like it - I don't like to get a bath, let alone getting my precious paws all wet. My mommie said too that Sharkey is very rambunctious and that it would eventually catch up with her. Every dog has his day - that's what mommie always says... =^..^=

  • (mrrrow...I tried to send something twoooo times - mommie even helped me - and it wouldn't go I doing this right?) =^..^=

  • oh dear! After that frightful adventure with the not-so-glamorous Skunk, the tomato juice and bathing, I hope you were at least given a good home baked doggie snack! Paws and kisses {or maybe slobbers} from Beau, FGH Lab

  • That doesn't look like too much fun! We don't care for baths too much anyway, but tomato juice? Yuck!!! We have lots of experience hunting squirrels, but not that kind. Good job!
    Ozzie & Rocky

  • I'm a Iowan farm dog. Because I get the run of the farm; skunks are not strangers. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

  • Oh girls! You two are so silly. By any chance, would this be the skunk you two had a close encounter with?



  • Uh oh! That stinks. I guess that is the life of a country dog. I bet you girl's can get even someday. Just remember to stay ahead of that ole' skunk next time.

  • This reminds me of the summer my German Shepherd dog Jake .. he got skunked 4 times in the same summer.. so one night he went outside and ran down the side of the yard and yup.. again.. it was late but I put that big dog in the tub and all I had in the house was spagetti sauce with the chunky tomato bits in it.. what was I to do.. I used that and just kept the tomato chunks from going down the drain.. that was a summer to remember.. I guess he just thought it was very nice looking cat out in his yard.. I love this blog with the dogs speaking as if they could.. love it.

  • Ok try this photo instead.

  • I hope you don't chase those funny looking squirrels again, mom says that we can smell them, I hope I remember your story if I ever come across one.

    Hi Francesca and Sharkey, I'm Buddy, I was adopeted about 3 1/2 weeks ago, my foster family thought me to be a Patterdale Terrier, my new family lost their 16 year old sheltie in Dec. to white mast cell cancer, we are learning about each other everyday. When my new mom was sharing your blog with me, I told her I wanted to share our weekend outing story with you. She told me about the time I was born that the dog we met on Saturday was a miracle dog and she told me his story and I want you to see his story here at our blog; we hope your other readers will read about him too.

  • I feel your pain (or rather smell it)...this fall while out for a morning run w/owner I too came nose to nose with Pepe Le Peu! Mon Dieu - I will never make the boo-boo again. I was one stinky dog and I got bit too!

    C'est la vie - it was what it was...tomato paste on dry fur - leave for 20 mins...then repeat and then a mum no dout knows don't wet skunked fur it only spreads the lovely smell.

    Well Bon-Chance Mes Aime!
    Reese/friendly boxer-hound mix from Ashburn VA

  • Mrrrow. I wanted to say mrrrow to Bowser, even tho' I AM a kittykitty. I liked your instructions that you lended to all of us, and even tho' I've made my home indoors in my more mature years (but as I look back - back in the day...prrrrrr), I found your information mrrrowy useful! Let's see, now...brown, chase down, black-n-white, better not fight...okay, got it! Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • I love this site. It is just too cute. These two could write a great book....just a thought....

  • This is a tried and true Skunk Remedy.....but be careful, if you leave it on too long it will 'bleach' the fur out....we know this from experience...our black lab turned to a chocolate lab for a few weeks!

    Skunk Remedy:

    1 qt. peroxide
    1/4 Cup baking soda
    1 tsp. dishwashing liquid

    Mix all ingredients together and thoroughly wet dog with mixture. I find a squirt bottle or sports water bottle works great. Leave on several minutes, not more than 5 minutes. Rinse and apply conditioner of preference. While you are at the store, but 2 quarts of peroxide, keep the second on hand for the next time!

  • Hi! Sparky and Francesca!
    My name is Hannah and I am a Great Pyrenees. I live on 240 acres that I guard day and night from many foes, along with my good friend, Jackie Russell Terrier (he goes by Jackie). Jackie is really good at getting the possums that are stupid enough to come around the houses on the farm, and I take care of everything else.
    I send my sympathies about the skunk ordeal. I too came into contact with a skunk a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten that my humans won't pet me or want me around until I stop stinking. I also forgot how bad a skunk stinks. But Jackie has all the fun with the possums and I wanted to have fun too...
    I actually thought it was another cat that had come around to visit. I love my cats as they purr and play and are soooo soft to bury your nose into. I understand how you mistook your skunk for something fun also.
    I know I won't go next to a skunk for quite awhile and I am sure you won't either. Or at least until we forget again.
    Sorry you had to have a tomato bath. My humans looked at me and my size and said no way! Thank Goodness! I hate baths! Dogs that guard are not supposed to smell always good...At least that is what I tell my humans all the time when they think that I smell. I take care of the farm and the animals...and that is what is important.
    I will read your blog (or rather have my human read it and relay it to me as I am not allowed in the house on the computer and she had to bring the computer outside for me to write) when I can.
    Take care and remember SKUNKS STINK!

  • Funny (and stinky!) I just wrote a story about our skunks. We don't have any pups to get sprayed, but we have a colony of skunks living under our deck. Pshew! The house smells yucky. No way to "bathe" anything to get rid of the smell though!

  • The skunk remedy as Becky describes:
    1 qt. peroxide
    1/4 Cup baking soda
    1 tsp. dishwashing liquid

    was developed by a chemist and can be found on the web. The formula oxidizes the thiols in the skunk's odoriferous chemicals. We use it all the time,lately about once a month. One evening all three labs trotted into our house freshly odorized. The sooner you can wash them the better. Tomato juice really does not work very well. I call my dogs the "thiol thugs" and we stay well stocked in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. No skunks are ever injured on our place but they get a lot of practice spraying!

  • Hi Martha,
    I read the last post and the chemicals seemed too harsh so I looked up another remedy that was posted by a dog groomer. She takes a one gallon jug, adds 1/4 cup salt, 1/2 cup of diswashing liquid, and fills it with water. I hope this helps.

  • And I thought us Golden Retrievers were a handful! I always knew Francesca was the daring one of the crew..... My family uses a shampoo called Skunk-Off on us. It does work. Hard to believe any shampoo can remove an odor like that. Happy hunting & stay out of trouble!

  • My encounter with the black & white 'pussy cat' happened when I was staying at my grandmas because my mom was out of town. Grandma got really mad when grandpa let me in the house to tell her I had gotten sprayed and I ran all through the house trying to wipe off that stinky stuff on her carpeting. Luckily I'm really cute and grandma didn't stay mad at me too long! Remember though, what happens at grandmas is supposed to stay at grandmas!

  • I would like to warn people of dogs and skunks. Especially Short nosed dogs. I had a beautiful 2 year old English Bulldog that encountered a skunk. The skunk sprayed her in the nose and I was concerned that she was having a hard time breathing. I rushed her to the Veterinaian where she died. Her air passages had swollen and she couldn't breath. I believe in live and let live. We still see skunks but I make sure my dogs avoid them.

  • Francesca and Sharkey,
    We've gotta tell ya... we loved the skunk story! Here in Florida, Sweet Pea and I don't see too many skunks, instead, we have these little green lizards called anoles -- boy can they run! They are like green greased lightning! It's my job, I'm Daisy, to chase them off the patio -- hey, it's a job but someone's got to do it, right?
    Welcome to the world of blogging! Sweet Pea and I, adorable mixed breeds, have our own blog at Please visit us, too!

  • Hi Franny and Sharkey
    My mom is so afraid this is going to happen to me and my lab brother and sisters. We live in the woods however we have a large fence surrounding our house. The big guys dig holes along the fence and me being a Frenchie I can sneak out of the yard. We can see those buggers on the other side of the fence but I just can't get at them. After seeing the bathing routine I'm gonna think twice about leaving the yard again.
    Love you guys

  • Skunks - eeks! My mom would go nuts if I got sprayed by a skunk, so I best be on the lookout! From one dog to another you two keep your peepers open!


  • Hi My name is Taffy and I'm a yellow labrador retriever and I live in Michigan (Ann Arbor area). I'm so glad that the snow is finally gone and I can find my frisbies and soccer balls in the yard. I love just sitting in the sun again when my mom lets me out during the day! Can't wait to go swimming again! But you do have to look out for those skunks at this time of the year.

  • Hello Martha: My mom watches you all the time! She's even painted her bedrooms according to your information. Well I wanted to tell you about my skunk experience. If dogs get the chance to actually taste skunk it can be lethal. So tell your readers to beware. I tasted skunk once and had to be rushed to the Emergency Vet Hospital! The chemical in the stink gland can shut down our stomachs. I was on an IV for three days and operated on to remove part of the skunk that I didn't digest. My mom and dad was worried sick and prayed hard that I make it through. I am glad to say that I did. The vet told us that the chemicals can even shut down a lardge dogs intestines. So please please tell your owners to beware.
    I am a red and white Siberian Husky named Freedom and I have a brother that's a Gray and White Siberian with blue eyes also. His name is Justice
    Thanks for reading this.

  • I have a Black Lab and she is obsessive with a condition call Lick Granuloma. I have tried sprays, wrapping, pepper sauce and toys to keep her busy and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  • Hello, guys. My name is Boker. I am a Sharpei-Lab mixed, and 5 years old. I have been skunked 3 times. My owners were not thrilled, especially when I got sprayed at 4:30 in the morning. We didn't have tomato juice, so my owners went on the internet, mind you, at 4:30 in the morning, and saw all the homemade remedies. One easy remedy was to use Selsun Blue. We have in the house is Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo. It worked like a charm. Head and Shoulders worked, too ( for the next 2 times ). Now I am not allowed out after sunset or before sunrise, since I am not nocturnal.
    Excuse my typos, my nails need to be cut.

  • Lola, here. I'm a Frenchie too. I leave the squirrel chasing to my brother Ollie. (He's the longest dog you have ever seen.) His job is to chase the squirrels and bark at them. I keep telling him that he can bark and bark up that tree, but they aren't coming back down. I must report that I did once try to "mix it up" with a possum. Mommy screamed and snatched me up. I'll just stick with looking in the yard for gross stuff to eat. I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first. Mommy says that if we lived in France, I'd be a good truffle dog.


  • Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Sammi,a Golden Retriever, and let me tell you, I am sprayed at least once a month! You know us retrievers, we love to retrieve anything! Well,my mommy uses the peroxide formula and it works! She just pours it over my coat and rubs it in, making sure that it does not get into my eyes and lets me air dry. See I have a skunk that hangs around our farm and I try to be friends with it, but some reason it sprays me all the time! Least to say, my house is stocked with hydrogen peroxide (my mommy says thank goodness is cheap!).

  • We chased a skunk off our deck,and he got us in the face-wow what a smell even with our ittle noses.Mom used the peroxide remedy and it worked,we both have very long fur,but we are pretty as can be again.Thanks.

  • The best products for skunk attacks, are:

    Tide and Snuggles Softener

    It took one shampoo with a mixture of both Tide and Snuggles, and Buddy was clean and free from stink. I even put his leash in a bag with both the Tide and Snuggles, and it removed the stink from a leather leash. Very easy, and painless for both buddy and I.

    Using the top for the tide container, put half 3/4ths tide and 1/4th Snuggles..

    It's guaranteed!!!!

  • Many years ago, I had a skunk-chasing sheep dog. Our vet recommended something safe and easy, and it really worked - Massengill Douche Powder mixed with water according to the directions and poured on the coat to saturate. It used to take quite a few packets to completely wet that large and furry girl, but I am serious - it worked! On pups the size of Sharky and Francesca, you could probably use the pre-mixed bottles!

  • what was the name of the book on how to make dog hats shirts ect. thanks martha


  • Hi Sharkie and Francesca! It was terrific to see you on the show today.

    I also had several encounters with what I thought was a "Small Urban Wolf," that was black with a white strip and a very bushy tail. I am a Border Collie, and my job is to protect my mom, so I had to try dispatch with the "wolf" immediately!!! My mom tried to explain about skunks, but my instincts kick in and I can't help myself. This "wolf" kept getting into the garden shed and mom didn't know it! The time that was the worst was the up close shot on my chest!!! It took off a large round circle of hair and I had a pink spot of valor for about three weeks.

    With so many opportunities for washing me up, my mom found that a product named De-Skunk worked best of all the products and solutions named. I told her I was willing to let her try anything, even the tomato juice, because I just wanted back in the house--I would feel such shame if my mom was carried off by the "Great Suburban Wolf" while I was out in the backyard. (I know the wolf comes around in a big brown truck with UPS on it's side, and stops at the house every now and then, so watch out!)--Kali, the working girl

  • I work at a Dog Wash in San Diego, The busiest one in the nation actually. I see skunked dogs almost everyday. Tomato juice doe not work. It used to work a long time ago because tomato juice had higher levels of enzymes in it, than it does today. The enzymes are what you need, to rid your dog of that skunk smell. The smell itself is an enzyme and it takes another enzyme, to eat up the smelly ones.
    The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dishwashing liquid works pretty well. Dawn has extra grease and oil cutters, which is another thing you need, because the skunk spray is a super fine concentrated mist of oil. The smell seems to go away for the time being, but the next time your dogs coat gets wet, the oil will awaken and the bad smell returns.
    I know of 3 products that work well..
    1.Skunk Insurance spray
    2.Skunk Odor Eliminator
    3.Skunk Off
    Forget tomato juice, its just not the same stuff anymore.

  • Our dog tangled with a skunk once. We immediately put straight hydrogen peroxide on him and the smell came right off. We had to give him another bath the next day but it worked right away.

    Great remedy

  • Our dog tangled with a skunk once and we immediately gave him a bath with straight hydrogen peroxide. The smell improved right away. We gave him another bath the next day and that helped too.

    Marie Wiegele

  • My name is Lucky and I am a Black Labrador mix. I recently had a case of Dermatitis and Hot Spots...and, wanted to share a wonderful remedy with any of you who may suffer from it. You mix equal parts of Caster Oil, Witch Hazel and Alcohol in a spray bottle. Shake it up and apply a couple of times a day. I left my spots alone immediately and they healed quite nicely.

    Maybe this will help the Black Lab with the lick problem.

  • Same thing happened to our Frenchie and Beagle... Tomato juice did not work... However, what did do the trick (not all the way, but better than tomato juice) was white wine vinegar and liquid dish soap. I washed them just after the assault four times and the smell was very faint. Of course, the rugs and bed covers weren't since I was alone and didn't know what the dogs had cornered and after they got struck ran in through the open door and rolled EVERYWHERE. Was not pretty, especially since we had an open house in a few days. Needless to say, we canceled that. The smell in the house lasted months and the dogs finally were rid of the smell in just under that amount of time.

  • Hi:
    I can understand about your stinky experience. I'm an Alaskan Malamute and one night, about 3a.m. I sensed someone was in our backyard and I bolted out the screen door with my gruff barking. My owners ran out to see what had happened and discovered me in a checkers move with Pepe Le 'Pew. I had him penned up against the back of the house and it was a standoff checker move with neither one of us giving in. My mistress kept trying to entice me back into the house by offering me my favorite piece of cheese - and I gave in. It's all about the treat with me. And then they banished me to sleep on the back porch, telling me I smelled. The next day my owners called out sick as they had to give me a bath with something called skunkoff that they bought at the vet's office. Good thing they bought extra as I met up with him again another day. Have I learned my lesson - probably not. It's my yard and I let no one enter.
    Kneeko Insalaco

  • A sure fire skunk remedy is... Don Aslett's X-O item# V28258, it's an all purpose odor neutralizer and cleaner. It can be found on QVC and works like a charm.

  • (actually, summer's eve or massengil works better and doesn't turn your white dog pink. my critters know this first hand!)

  • Hi Sparky and Francesca
    My brother (Brennen) and me (Abygale) did the samething last year, with our pet sitter. Our parents were out of town and Linda (our pet sitter) took us to the park, she is real good about taking us out for a good run. While at the park Brennen saw a black and white furry thing and though we could play with it. To our suprise, we got sprayed with this terrible smell. Linda was not happy, because it also got all over her winter coat.
    She took us home and tried the tomato juice and it did nothing. She call our parents and our mother said that tomato juice only makes it worse, the acid in the juice pull the smell into our skin. She told Linda that there was a bottle of Skunk begone in the cabinet in the laundry room, it took about 4 baths yuck. We finally started to smell better and my mother had to take care of linda's coat. The house did have a little of the order for a couple of day, but it finally went away.
    Brennen and I will try and stay away from these fury friends because I don't like baths and don't want to go thru that again.
    So see you are not alone. I hope you have a good spring and summer.
    I aLso told my mother that I would like one of the coats that your mom made today on TV and she said that she will make one for each of us.
    It was fun letting you know of our experiences.
    Aby, Brennen and little Shyanna

  • Such a stinky problem! Tomato Juice is far too messy. We have found that, believe it or not, women's douche is the answer! Particularly the "Spring Time Fresh" scent! :)
    It works like a charm and makes puppy look so poofy when dry! hahahaha! Much less messy during the inevitable shake off.
    The only draw back is buying in such large quantities at the drug store can make you appear to have a real problem! (I try to get my hubby to do it)

  • OHHHH, We Love those stinky Farm kitties!!!!
    We got sprayed and Dad let us in one morning after our potty break and rubbed all over Mom's New Area rug and couch.Let's just say we all bonded with tomato juice at 3:00 am.
    We are still prone to give chase every spring and or summer nights to those stinky little farm kitties.
    Mom one afternoon was walking us boys on our property and she and our little older dog found what they thought was a lost kitten in the edge in the weeds until Dad grabbed Mom and told us all to run. It was a skunk, also now know as a farm kittie.

  • My husky, Jake got skunked late one night. I used Messengulles Douche. Worked great. He didn't smell at all after that, and didn't smell next time he got wet either. He must of got it in the mouth too, because his breath was really skunky!

  • The concoction with peroxide and dish soap and baking soda works like a charm. The animal control man gave me the recipe when he came to our house to get a skunk in a humane trap. Figured he knew best and he did!

  • I'm one of two sisters who live here in Morristown, NJ and your story about the skunk is really intriguing...of course we are kitties, so we would never chase a skunk, but still, it must have been so upsetting--and that tomato juice! What's up with that?! You certainly get to have a lot of adventures, though...we just take care of our family and keep the birds under surveillance from our kitchen. Mom says we can come back and read your blog again...keep up the good work!
    Imogen and Eugenia

  • Dear Sharkey,
    Baking soda, peroxide and Dawn dishwashing detergent works great. I also would suggest using apple cider vinegar as opposed to the tomato juice... Less messy, and both are a little acidic. Apply the vinegar liberally, through the coat to the skin and allow to dry. Then use the magic potion to remove the skunk essence. As a professional dog groomer and handler, and a graduate of Humboldt State University where this potion was developed, it works fabulous, as your Mom would say, "its a Good Thing!" Be sure to really rinse everything out. Rinse. Rinse. Rinse. Then follow with a good conditioner. Cookies to both of you for surviving your ordeal, "8"

  • Hello Francesca and Hello Sharkey.
    I'm sorry you got sprayed by a skunk. Your mommy must have a good home made bath remedy to get rid of that stinky smell.
    I'm Sweetie the Hamster, and I must say I'm so happy being a hamster, instead of a dog.

  • I have stayed away from the skunks, but I did grab a toad once and I got really sick...Its a dog eat dog world out there.

  • Hi guys, my name is Piper and I too am a French Bulldog. I live in Atlanta with my mom Alicia. Sorry to hear about the skunk but hey, maybe it was at least that 'ole rascally French skunk Mr. Pepe Le Pieu. Thanks for the blog, it will be nice talking with you two from time to time...gotta run; I'm off to the park. I'll be sure to stay away for the skunks. Woof Woof

  • My name is Foxy Lady. I tried to make friends with a skunk and did I get skunked. My female owner helped me get the smell off and I am not going after anything else that even resembles that "stinker".I will stay in my dog yard and bark but no more close encounters.

    FoXy LAdy

  • Say what??? You mean in a simple spray we can get sweetly scented with none of the sniff about and then roll in it we now endure to get "seasoned?"

  • I never knew what a big problem skunks were until I was searching the web for a skunk remedy for my dog. I pretty much tried everything and finally found a product called BON-CC-41 from BioWorld Products that worked great. The tomato juice I found to be too messy and didn't really help the problem much. The peroxide you can't get around the face and I didn't want it to bleach my dogs fur. But this product is the safest I have found and it works the best! I even used it around my house after I let my dog in before I realized she had been skunked. I actually heard about this product on another blog so hopefully this can help someone who is searching on this blog for a skunk remedy that works!

  • Girls,

    I know how bad doze skunkee critterz are. Mum an Mike took me to Santa Barbara from r home in Lompoke. We were ridin' along the rode an we had duh windoze open. All ob a sudden Mum rinkled her noze an sed 1 wurd 2 Mike, "skunk." 1 ob doze fingz had become rode kill an I noze how bad it smellz. Tellz ur mum 2 tryz 2 find duh recipee 4 duh stuff w/ peroxide in it. Dey can't put it in a boddle b/c it blows up wen u cloze duh boddle.

    Take care an stay away frum skunkz.

    Senyur Cheeko--Lompoc California

  • Our Aussie dog, Jedha, a Lab/Stumpy-Tailed Red Heeler Mix was introduced to his very 1st skunk last summer as they do not have skunks in Australia and our 2 dogs are now living here in Michigan.You can see a photo of Jedha after the run-in with the 'very smelly kitty' here:

    *They also do not have squirrels in Australia and can I just say I severly underestimated just how MUCH my dogs would love them?!

  • I was just reading about the dog v skunk episode. In speaking with my coworker (a huge dog especially border collies), she informed me that the best thing to use for a "skunked" dog is Masengil Douche mix. You add it to a couple of quarts of water and it effectively removes the odor. If one treatment isn't enough, repeat onece more. Go figure!

  • In the contest with my yellow Lab vs. skunk, the skunk was victorious. My dog's beautiful face and gorgeous pale yellow coat was marked with bright chartreuse streaks from her nose all the way down her neck. She had stuck her head into some shrubs trying to "root out" the skunk on a beautiful, cold but sunny morning in the fall. I crated her, and then rushed out to buy tomato juice at a convenience store, but was told by the clerk that our animal control officer always uses Massengill Douche, so I bought that instead. The product was packaged as "ready to use" and pleasantly scented. It worked beautifully and didn't stain her coat nor was there much of a mess to clean up afterwards. From that moment on, I always kept a supply of this product on-hand...just in case. It's packaged in disposable plastic bottles...ready to use, no muss, no fuss. (I never trusted the "recipe" with the peroxide in it for fear of bleaching color out of carpeting or upholstery in the house, as our Lab had complete access everywhere.)

  • Bleh... But for me, Two days in a row with a labradoodle.

  • Hands down, the best, simply the best thing I've ever used to get rid of skunk odor from my black lab is a product called Zero Odor. I wasn't sure if I could spray him with it. I called and they told me to spray some on a paper towel and then wipe down the dog. I did just that and I was just amazed at how it worked. We've all tried stuff before...well I found the answer.

  • I am on vacation in York, Maine, and had just that day read about the peroxide and baking soda formula. We had been smelling slunk nightly, so I went right out and stocked up on the "formula" of 2 bottles peroxide and 1/4 c. baking soda and 2tbsp of citrus scented dish detergent.
    I am a Boston Terrier, so maybe if I were larger, I might double the batch.
    Of course, that night, I got it right in the face!
    I was immediately bathed in this mix and it was miraculous! The old tomato juice bath still kept me in the basement for a night, but this was instant relief.
    We are restocked, and now I have to go out on a leash.

  • I am a wildlife rehabilitator and often handled young or injured skunks. Contented skunks don't spray because they don't feel threatened. Young ones can spray as soon as they can see, and if Mom is chased off, we would raise the babies. Several times, babies came in dehydrated, and stressed, and, if they had a seizure, they spray just leaked out into my hand as a puddle of yellow oil.

    Since it is an oil, you need an emulsifyer or another oil to get rid of it. We used Dawn detergent as a first stage, then heavy cream as a second stage. Thiols are fat soluble and bond with the oils in skin. Detergent removes the surface carrier oils, then butterfat in cream pulls the oils out of the skin. Another detergent bath cleans them away. After that, the baking soda formulas remove any oder that is left.
    I used this on myself more than on my dogs.

  • My grand-dog got skunked a little over a month ago and came rolling around the carpet in the family room, wiping his eyes. We tried several types of remedies and the one that worked was the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap. It worked immediately and we also sprayed the solution on the carpet and it removed the odor there too.

  • We never met a skunk but we used to live in Southern Cal and the stinky Opossums walked on our back walls every night. We used to chase them and barked like crazy but they just sat on top of the wall laughing at us. Kobe was stung by a bee once when he tried to swat them with his paw. He he...

    You guys are adorable and we are happy to see that you got cleaned up.

    Hugs, wags and woofs from Kobe and Kiki

  • Well I'm sure glad that hasn't happened to ME! MY favorite thing to get is LIZARDS! My mom and Dad call it my "8 hour a day job" because I patrol the garden wall all day and if I SEE a lizard I'm REALLY fast and I grab him and SHAKE him and then he can't hurt my mommy anymore....but I don't understand why mommmy gets so MAD when I kill the lizard...she says something about... they're good for the bugs! Well I'm only 7 pounds and I"m a MinPin so what do they expect? I'm bred to kill rats but lizards are second best!

  • I have never had to bath a dog that has been sprayed, but am well aware of how stinky and hard to get rid of it can be. I am wondering if Dawn dishsoap can take oil off of animals caught in an oil spill, why wouldn't it take the skunk smell away? Since a skunk's spray is oil based it tends to stick on the fur and this is what causes it to be so hard to remove, I believe that this dishsoap would be very helpful. If anyone has tried this let me know if it works. I hope no one ever has to try it, but we all know that won't happen!
    Kerry and Harley (the Boston)

  • My Jack Russel chased after a skunk once, Im not sure who came off worse, but probably my Jack Russel.
    The dog managed to get sprayed which seemed to hurt his eyes, the skunk ran off shaken up from the dog. I suppose the dog definitely came off worse.

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