Pinheads?? We don't think so Mr. O'Reilly!

Posted by Francesca

Mr. O'Reilly, the bark stops here..

We are not "Pinheads", we are Frenchies. You're only jealous because you are not as witty and cute as we are. YOU are in the dog house for giving us a RUFF time, stop being a "Bonehead".  Fellow canines and all animals,  rally around us!

Because WE are the ones really looking out for you.

Here is the video where Bill calls us Pinheads! (After Tiger Woods)

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  • Ha, ha, ha!

  • He's a bad man.and way before he made the pinhead commentalia.

  • Gee, us Yorkies agree he is a BONE HEAD!!! Love the picture. He's in the dog house that's for sure!!
    GRRRRRR!! Mr.O'Reilly do you own a dog?? hmmmm......

  • double high 'paws' to francesca and sharkey!
    ---bill o IS a pinhead ;>)

  • funny! The view will be discussing this tomorrow 4 sure!

  • Little Frenchies my Mom and I always watch Bill he is a guy who does watch out for all of us. I don't however agree with what he had to say about you today on his show we were not amused,hat is my Mama and I. Since when did Martha become your BOSS instead of your Mama isn't she both LOL? Ask her for a raise she is making you do double duty lol!
    Love Bill & love you gals.
    Maybe he will lighten up and have you on his show, plus you got some free PR animal lovers out rule politics any day of the week. He is number 1 show for the past 100 months so a lot of folks tune in to him, plus if he asks you on maybe he will take you to Doggy World on The Green for some good treats!(I just made up the name)

    Dogs rule and he knows it woof woof!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • I'm with you! (So is my mommy!)

  • (Not sure if you got this..sorry if it's twice didn't get approval or wait tag?)

    What a BONE HEAD for sure! Us Yorkies agree with F&S that he doesn't respect us doggies. GRRRRR!!! Not nice Mr. Bill but love the photo. He's never looked better! ROFL!! WOOF WOOF!!!

  • We are with you, sisters!!!!


    If he's a bonehead does that mean I can chew on him? I get to chew on bones :) .

    Love and kisses, Peyton

    Thus speak the black labs in my house.

  • I must have missed it...what did that mean old man do? Love the picture!!!

  • As Zoey, the Great Pyrnees keeper of the goat pasture and Ginger, the Dacshund/Beagle keeper of all else home, we think he stinks. We do not want any biscuits from him! Our people hate him worse than we do! You rock, Martha!

  • Francesca and Sharkey,
    Awwww... Can I just say how much I love the name 'Sharkey'? You two are an 11 on the cute o' meter.
    Gentle pats,

  • Does anyone know if he really looks this GOOFY in person?

  • From a fellow frenchie, I agree... BONEHEAD

  • Let's not even dignigy ANY comments Bill makes.....he's beyond a BONEHEAD!!

  • Poor Bill just suffers from kennel envy.

  • woof! we agree. Woof Woof.

  • Martha, you crack me up!

  • What did he say? Calling Bill O'Reilly a "bonehead" is a compliment, in his case. Tell Francesca and Sharkey that people are waiting for them on Twitter! They are loved!

  • Boneheads takes away the joy of Living. All he wants is put everyone down. He paints a sad sad world he himself calls Utopia: a world of restricted ideas.

  • Oh jeeze...what stupid comment did he make now? Ignore him. He doesn't know the value of furry friends. Poor guy.


  • Hi Girl Friends, Grrr. Woof, Woof. Snarl. Growl. I don't even know who that guy is who called you a bad name, but if I ever see him I will bite him in the ankle. My mom calls people like him a knucklehead and I have to agree with her. We need to forget about him because all of us know that you are the best Frenchies we have ever seen. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next wonderful blog. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • F & S
    Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Bill O'Reily wishes he had the popularity you two have. In fact the next time I'm out walking with mom I'm going to start asking people if they know of Bill O'Reilly or if they know my friends Francesca and Sharkey. Of course mom will do the talking. Being the cute, adorable Frenchie that I am we always get stopped and people want to make a fuss over me. Sometimes I get so excited that I pee on them. I'm suppose to outgrow that - I just get so happy to see people. I wonder if Bill O'Reilly pees on people who he is happy to see????

    Tomorrow mom and her sisters are going to see your mom shows. I wish I could go with them. Ask you mom if we can have a play date tomorrow, she is going to the 2:00 show.

    Kisses :)

  • My Dogs (my furry friends) are in fact my very best friends!! I don't trust people who don't like dogs and animals! I didn't like O'Riley before and I surely don't like him now!! He IS a PINHEAD!! DOGS RULE!!!

  • was channel surfing when I saw that! honestly, Bill O'Reilly it a "PINHEAD" schmuck.
    It amazes me the low tolerence this man has...never cared for him and he proved that again.
    F & S tell him, have a little fun Bill, life is short!!!

  • Hmph. Seems to me that Bill O'Reilly is "unnecessary." Blog on, pups! :)

  • He's pure freak!

  • Bill O'Reilly is only mad because he didn't think of it first!!! LOL, The Daily Wag ...Pure Genius

  • Martha Stewart, Francesca and Sharkey have class. Something 'that man' [I cannot speak his name in polite company] is incapable of recognizing.


  • First the man needs to get a dog breed book and look up the breeds before he opens his mouth to speak! Bull Dog's Really!
    Apparantely he is jealous of belly rubs and ear rubs as well as love licks that all our canine family provides to us on a daily basis.
    He's one of those guys that dog's would sense is not a dog lover!
    So I say dog's unite and BITE THE MAN!
    He's just stirring up stuff to get more advertisment for himself.
    I say bury that BONE HEAD!!!
    Sir Bentley and Brutus

  • I didn't like him before, and now I really don't like him! I think all puppies should have their own blog!

  • Making such BONE HEAD comments just puts more attention on to himself.
    People like him feed off negativity.
    Get a dog breed book and learn about the dog breeds before you make such a stupid comment.
    Bull Dogs Really!
    I say lets just bury that Bone Head and forget where we put him!!!
    Sir Bentley and Brutus.

  • Bill O'Reilly spends each day insulting someone new, misrepresenting some policy and sending people to stalk anyone who disagrees with him. Of course he can't recognize class and fun when he sees it.

  • Jennifer the Beagle here...If I had a face like Mr. O, I'd shave my rear end and learn how to walk backwards. Pinheads INDEED. Let me at him, let me at him. SnortSnortSnort

  • Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. I think the Daily Wag is cute. And if these are the issues that occupy his time, then perhaps he is not one who should be 'informing' people. He needs to stop presenting entertainment as news and news as entertainment. Shame on someone who makes his fame and fortune by tearing other people (and dogs!) down!

  • Pinhead!!! How about FATHEAD! His head is so big, he can't even walk though doorways! Doesn't Bill have anything better to talk about? He's just jealous of what a fabulous job F & S are doing. Get a life Bill!!!
    Bunny in New Jersey

  • F&S,

    Insecure men always have a problem with strong, witty, and successful women like yourself. Don't take it personal, keep on keepin' on! You're doing great!!!

  • Must have been a slow newsday for Bill and he's not as cute and cuddly as you two are! As we all know, he needs something to get people to actually watch (yikes!!) him! :)

  • Pinhead? O'Reilly isn't even relevant. Go back to reporting the news that Fox makes up.

  • Hi Sweeties,

    I guess "Bonehead" fits 'cause he's wearing it! Next time maybe you could use a smaller photo so as not to scare your animal and animal lover friends. It scared me pretty good but I stayed around to comment just the same. Keep up the good work gals, because we all love you!

  • I love your blog,frannie and sharkie, your the best and Martha's loved too!
    In this days recession and economy,with all the bad and depressing news and commentary, I think your blog,girls, is the best, a breathe of fresh air and a good laugh, and lets not forget how cute you both are!
    Dogs rule, Bill O drools!!

  • well then we are pinheads too! woof!

    -Val, Harley and Allie- 3 fans of Francesca and Sharkey

  • Martha,
    I love your dogs and cats. Sorry my cat, Carter-Jay, is not into blogging so he won't be checking in as much. However, I would consider O'Riley's comments as FREE advertising...not that you need it, not everyone is going to get it! That is: "I love my pet(s)!" At home and in our community, Carter-Jay is "King Puss" (*o*).

    Grace and Peace.


  • Well then, I must also be a pinhead Parrot because I have had a blog since 2007! I also love to eat bones! Especially Chicken Bones!

  • I gotta say, clearly he was inspired to enough by the blog to comment on obviously he's a pinhead too :) I wanna be a pinhead, don't you?

  • O'Reilly is the king of the pinheads. He has no idea was he's talking about.

  • I think Bill OReilly tries provoke his audience into a discussion. Used to think he was a pinhead, but after listening to him on the View he seemed to be OK. Maybe he is just not an animal lover.

  • Francesca and Sharkey, my mommy loves your blog! Keep up the good work, and pay no attention to that pinhead O'Reilly!

  • Good morning Francesca - It's me, Gracyn Erwin from Newport, NC. My mom just told me about what that Bill guy said about you and Sharkey. That is soooo not true. If I had thumbs, I would call him up and give him the barking of his life. Pay no attention cause my mom said he is mean to everybody. He thinks he knows everything, but he doesn't. Tonight is my special chew night. Mom or Dad gives me one every other night, and I always get a greenie just before I go to sleep for the night. I wish all puppy dogs could live the life that we do. We are very lucky to have such good parents. Take care and have fun today and dance, dance, dance.- Love, Gracyn

  • You go F & S!!!
    He is total bonehead!!!


  • MrrrowMrrrowMrrrow! Look at all the comments here today! Mommie hasn't read them to me yet, but we'll go back together and start from the beginning. Mrrrow, I can tell it's gonna' be interesting! Mommie says that she's disappointed in Mr O'Reilly. Frannie and Sharkeybarkey, you're NOT pinheads, and I, being your friend and supporter of the feline sort, am not EITHER! Mrrrow. If Mr O'Reilly had a doggie or kittiecat that he absolutely adored and couldn't live without, we'd prob'ly know alllll about them, since he is in a public position and could talk about them if he wanted. If he isn't a pet person (duh!), well, he's really missing out on mrrrowy happy life! (I'm so upset, I can't prrrr today!) =^..^=

  • Any publicity is good publicity! As they said in The Women: "Oh, la publicite!"

  • F&S, you two are right! Bill is a BONA FIDE BONEHEAD. I am so glad Mom and Dad don't watch him on TV. If they did, I would bark so loud that they couldn't hear what he said. He needs to pick on someone his own size and stay away from us canines. Bill...beware...we will attack back.
    Love your blog!

    Czar the Siberian


    Francesca, you must visit my collar site -- I think you and Sharkey really need a custom designed piece of jewelry!

  • My name is Milou and I am a Jack Russel Terrier. I am also very upset by this dude commentary about our beloved Francesca and Sharky. Girls, ignore this bonehead, as you appropriately call him, and keep with the work and words we all enjoy :)

  • Francesca and Sharkey, Bill is truly just jealous that you are both so much more attractive and smarter than he is.

  • That picture of Billy the Bonehead is just perfect. F & S Rule!!!!!

  • Well, Ol' Billo has just taken the very special place in our hearts heretofore occupied by Michael Vick.

  • It might be scientifically impossible for Bill O'Reilly to say anything positive.

  • f&s, i think i say this on behalf of all dogs and their owners everyhwere. mr. o'reilly you are a mean-spirited putz.

    keep up the great work f&s !!!

    oliver (golden retriever/terrier mix)

  • Oh Francesca, nevermind someone who takes the time on tv to make a comment like that. Paws up to Martha for another great idea that took off. Keep up the blog......I look forward to it! And I quote,
    "The reason dogs have so many friends is they wag their tails instead of their tongues"
    Keep wagging your tail,

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Let me at him! I'll slobbering all over him and beat his shins with my wagging tail!! Hey, I'm a lovable golden retriever it's the best I got!

  • Hey, being called boneheads is really good!
    Mmmmmm, yummy bones.
    Jack Russell kisses and licks,

  • Bill O'Reilly is a dbag.

  • I'm on Francesca and Sharkey's side any day!

    Bill O'Reilly is the only pinhead here.

  • Pinhead? So says needle nose, Billy O. WIth all of the angst and doom and gloom, Francesca and Sharkey give us a lighter side of life - one that we all need and want! I used to be a fan of Bill's, but now, I am siding with the Frenchies!

  • Not everything in this world has to be necessary does it Bill? I think their blog is fun and I'm following them on Twitter! Go F&S!

  • Pardon me, but Bill, you're filled with more gas than a room full of French Bulldogs.

  • Henri sez: GRRR Mr. O'Reilly - you don't know intelligence, grace and style when you see it. Sharkey and Francesca - we love you. And we appreciate all your mom does for homeless animals, too.

    Henri Hoo

  • Billy boy, you must not have a canine friend of your own or you wouldn't be attacking my frenchie pals. My owners enjoy watching you daily, but were a little upset over your attack. Me, I usually am snoozing on the rug as they watch - you bore me.
    Kneeko Insalaco

  • Bill is jealous that you two cuties are getting more attention than him. Bill is just a very sad sad sad man.

  • Bill must be feeling a little insecure -- now he's picking on adversaries that can't talk back!

    Well, most Frenchies (as well as my Boston)are smarter than he is, not to mention more entertaining.

    I have a better name for Bill than "pinhead," but this is a family blog.

  • Bill who?

  • Oh well,at least he is informed .I didn't know about this website.One could look at it as free advertisement. I think he likes to keep things stirred up.

  • Only a Bonehead would call a Frenchie a Pinhead. Pithy enough Bill?

  • Boo on him! I've never liked that man. I'm glad the Frenchies are standing up for themselves.

  • Poor man. It's patently obvious he's jealous Martha is owned by two Frenchies and he just has some yakky-yak show to fill his time. Maybe someday he'll reform.

  • Bill O'Reilly,I call into question your "pinhead" remarks about Martha's 2 little pooches. Frankly,
    Billy,you are a disgrace to any decent Irishman I
    have ever encountered.(of course,maybe O'Reilly is
    a stage name?)When I checked your Website a couple
    of days ago I noticed that the women you castigated
    were all pinheads - the men were all patriots - hope
    this was just a coincidence,if not,I'd say you need help Billy.Perhaps you are just unhappy,disillusioned
    and have no love for anything but yourself.
    Here's the score Billy.
    Martha is the Diva - You are the dummo
    Not only did you berate the little cuties,you cast
    aspersians on a lovely,intellegent woman who brings "good things" into the lives of others.Plus
    offers employment to hundreds of workers.A little
    respect is more in order.
    Anyway,time to fess up.Make things right.You were
    wrong to criticise such a harmless pursuit such as
    a POOCH BLOG.Actually,you insulted everyone who has
    commented on that blog.Some folks think very highly
    of their animal companions - after all they never
    lie - talk back - have no ego - that is refreshing.
    So,take my advice,dont be a dope,send Martha some
    pink roses and tell her you erred.I'm confident
    she will forgive. If you dont,then in my humble
    opinion, you should not be permitted to participate
    in next year's St.Patrick's Day Parade.

  • Edward would never waste his time on Mr. O'Reilly.

  • You're right O'Reilly is a bonehead! My dog is on Twitter so you should be able to have a blog.

  • he is such a toad.

  • Bill is just jealous b/c he's not cute and can't spend the day playing. He's stuck on the camera in that uncomfortable suit and has probably never even tried on a "doppy" hat. I personally like them and agree that he is a bonehead.

    PS. Francessca and Sharkey would love to have you join the Pawpawty on April 5th on twitter. Animals only, no boneheads.

  • My Pomeranians are ready to deal with the Bonehead, I have four of them, and for dogdom, they will stand proud!

  • .

    WELL, . . . .

    Buried in his own avalanche of ticky tacky talk, Bill Bob has to know that only a canine would close its nose to his poo pooey and be there for the "Old Hound's" rescue.

    "Billy Bobber, after years of sliced tongue cling clang, you still have a friend. Call me Pinhead Lohrend."

    FRENCH EMBASSY POODLE BRIGADE CAPTAIN---for the honor and protection of our French cousins FRANCESCA AND SHARKEY.


  • I think he hates cute babies, too!

  • One more reason (as if I needed one) why I never watch that unevolved blowhole. Animal planet rules in our household . . . and Sam, Jenny and Bubba (3 English Labs) show me constantly why dogs are so much kinder and fun to be around than most people. They also would love to have Francesca and Sharkey come on a hike with them if they are ever in Southern California . . . they could show the girls a good time!

  • seems like this is another good reason why he is not well liked...doesn't he have more important things to talk about? he and rush make a good pair.

  • That "dopey" tie you are wearing Bill O'Reilly needs to go. Who dressed you? I'd rather watch Francesca and Sharkey than you ANY day. Take that you bad bad man. You need to go sit and stay in the dog house foreverer....
    Marshmallow Dudley, locally known as Marsha Marsha Marsha...ruff!

  • Two big paws up to you, Francesca and Sharkey! You tell him!
    As a fellow Frenchie, I totally agree with you, Bill is a Pinhead.

    Keep on blogging, we love it!

    And one more thing, FRENCHIES RULE!

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    I'm sure that your fellow dogs and other animal friends are behind you on this one. I just want you ladies to know that, as a human, I'm with you as well. Keep those heads held high, little frenchies!


  • Bad dog!! Bad Riley'! He needs a leash.

  • I assume Mr. O'Reilly has never had a pet in his darn boring life..nor has ever ever loved an animal. He was doing quite well in bashing extreme liberals and now he's gearing his attention to Martha Stewart and his pets ??!! What a sad clown he is!

  • I guess it was a slow news day for Mr. O'Reilly. Why should he care about Francesca and Sharkey? Maybe he's jealous. I really have no tolerance for political pundits like O'Reilly and Olbermann. Two birds of a feather (although they would both disagree) What a jackass! eweh eweh

  • It wasn't even a funny bit he did. Very Lame.

  • You go Francesca, Mr. Bonehead is barking up the wrong tree this time!

    Lilly the puganaut

  • Loved the artwork to "enhance" Mr. Bonehead. Good job. We're proud of you. We don't allow Mr. Bonehead on our TV, so there!! Hope he doesn't start stalking us, seems that's his newest thing. If he does, we'll lift our legs on him.

  • hi my name is benji i am a lurcher, (look like a greyhound but smarter) i was 22 years old yesterday.
    my dad said why do you call him something you like,you should call him something we dont like
    "LEMONHEAD" small, yellow and acid. benji

  • F&S: We think you are the cutest, well, next to US! We are little Toy Fox Terriers and have our own fan club because we are very adorable. Mommy spends more on our outfits than she does for herself! When we had a litter of two pups, they only weighed 4 oz. each so our puppies were very small but VERY CUTE! Anyway, enough, bow-wowing about ourselves! We think Bill O'Reilly has really cute blue eyes! We think Martha should ask him over for dinner and PROVE to Mr. O' how cute her FAMOUS Frenchies are and wow him with her cooking! Martha could have him begging for more! WE think Martha could change Mr. O into a LIBERAL and he would LOVE it! LOL!!! Tail wags and wet-noses from your TFT friends, Mary Kate & Trooper!

  • just give the bone head a tug-a-war he'll settle down sooner or later

  • Pin head? what ails him? Is he pet-ophobic?

    I think that was mean. I know what dogs are, they have feelings too.
    I'm apparently a cat, so they say. The vet is pretty sure I don't know it since I was bottle fed from a tiny baby with monkey ears..

    Hey, I like the monkey ears you gave that man, but does it insult primates??

  • Bill O'Reilly is a sad, sad man who wouldn't know fun if it smacked him in the head. The blog is all in good fun and both Sharkey and Francesca are beautiful. Maybe is Bill had an animal or two in his life he would be as bitter and crotchity as he is.

  • Sometimes we watch Bill but we think this comment was totally out of line! We are standing behind you! You are not pinheads! You are our friends! cooper and clem

  • Francesca and Sharkey,
    Bill O'Reilly is a very mean-spirited person. Why does he have a problem with dogs or a fun blog like this? I love your blog. It's whimsical and informative. Good work;you're very brave dogs to deal with the bad man. Even as two cats, we're in there with you. Also, thanks for posting the ad for the ASPCA. We were both adopted as kittens.
    Willow and Bunkai

  • meow,meow,meow,meow, jerk! meow meow bitter!, meow killjoy, meowmeow.

  • Francesca, don't pay him any mind. Most canines I know have more mental capacity than Mr. O.'

  • Let me explain it to you simply Mr. Bonehead. I have a Frenchie "LouLou". She is naturally born with a loving, funny, wonderful personality and would forgive you in a heartbeat. Unlike her you are naturally mean spirited and just plain low to pick on anything unable to defend herself. Why don't you get a real job like shovling out a stable.

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