Our field trip to a place called St. Louis

Posted by Francesca

Bonjour! Recently, Martha packed our bags for the day and took us on a plane ride to a place called St. Louis, Missouri.  She had an important business meeting with our good friends at Purina and she wanted to show us off.  She said it was good business strategy.  Fortunately, Sharkey was on her best behavior.  It was such an exciting trip and we even got to see the big Mississippi!  If you want to see more of me and Sharkey in St. Louis, be sure to tune into the Martha show on March 26. Merci!

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My photo is more of a portrait and less of a silhouette. But the arch looks really good with my hair color.

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  • Gosh you get to fly in a private plane and get seat belted in. I have never been on a plane before I hope you didn't get motion sickness! It looks like you were truly pampered pets for your trip to meet the Purina sponsors did you get some great treats?!
    I am jealous!
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Wow - you guys are lucky you get to ride in an airplane, not to mention a private plane. Best I can do is a ride in the car. I wish you would invite me up for a playdate to your house in Bedford.
    Mom says after reading Martha's blogs and watching her show I have a simliar personality to Franchesca. I love to run and play. I play all day with my 3 lab brother and sisters. I get yelled at because I get too rough. I'm getting excited about Spring coming I love to lay in the sun by our pool.
    Love you guys :)

  • Hi Frencesca and Sharkey,
    Wow!!! Talk about spoiled rotten hounds (that's what my Mom calls me on a daily basis). She says that when she comes back in another life, she wants to come back as me. Can you blaim her? Well, after seeing these photos of you both flying in high style, she may want to come back as either of you!!! Thanks a bunch for stealing my thunder.

    Tell your Mom we love the updated photos of her kitchen she posted on her blog. Can me and my mom come to your house and play dress up? How many coats do you both have, and when are you going to start selling your own designs? My mom will be right on the internet buying one for me in Martha Blue. Is that why your Martha was meeting with Valentino recently?

    Love and licks,
    Bunny in New Jersey
    The Other Spoiled Rotten Hound

  • You two are too much! Thanks for the smiles! Trish

  • Sharkey Francesca and of course Martha, Loved your pet show today! Thanks so much for calling on people to go to rescues and shelters to find a pet. These places are full of wonderful people who want to help you help a homeless pet. My last 4 pets have been a rescue of one sort or another. The 2 I have now are rescues from retired greyhound rescues in Florida. Greyhounds are such magnificent animals. But unfortunately tey have the highest death rate of all purebred dogs as once their racing or breeding careers are over the dogs not taken in by rescues are more often "put down". It is senseless and tragic. I would love to see a segement soon regarding this terrific breed. You just can't imagine what an affwctionate breed they are.

  • you should have had martha take you up in the ARCH ..fun ride.. i always wanted to do that.. im a min-pin.... other wise known as a rat terrier.. i kinda like min-pin... i love to run snd play on the farm here in missouri...i get to run freeley as i please.. then come in to a warm bed for naps... and i had a run in recently with a skunk.. i got lots of baths.. im staying away form them..your friend missy

  • Mrrrow. Mommie marked down the special date of March 26th on her calendar! - she's good at keeping us (me-n-my sister Mandy =^..^=) all organized and well-fed and loved-n-all. I'll remind her so I can see you guys when I sit on her lap. (We watch your mommie's show together). Hey, I wondered if you had to wear your seat belt - as YOUR mommie would say, it IS a good thing to do! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Well, talk to ya' later - I'll watch for you. Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • We love your adventures. What a wonderful time you have, we are also very lucky. I am a retired show dog and now live with one of my daughters and my mom in Homestead Fl. We have some friends we would like for you to meet. They are Lhasa Apso's and were born blind. (But they don't know it.) Check them out on Facebook, blinddogs steviewonder. They have been adopted by a super lady and are really doing great.
    Keep up the good work and try to stay away from the skunks.
    Heidi and Mia

  • We loved both the iconic photo and the more intimate portrait photo of you both with the arch.

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca....my name is Raleigh and
    I am a 6 lb Maltese. I love to watch dogs on tv
    so keep showing up on the Martha Show. My hobbies
    are walking in the park with my Mom's friend and
    also barking at Fritz, a 14-year old black and white
    tuxedo cat that also lives here with the family.

    I've never traveled with my Mom, but it looks like

    Hope to see you again on tv,

  • I am glad you had a fun trip to St. Louis, wish it was a prettier day. Did Martha let you have some toasted ravioli or Ted Drewes? We are not allowed eventhough we are born and bread St. Louis Cockapoos. We are now retired in southern Missouri and will always be city dogs.

    Come back and see us!
    Bridget & Beau

  • today would have been my German Shepherds Birthday, but she's in heaven now, as is my Maltese(am dogless now)...it's nice to see your mommy Martha take you for a sky ride....what a wonderful life, you lucky dogs! I also enjoy all the photos of you two playing with the donkeys...

  • Wow, you two travel better than our humans. Perhaps your Mommy would like to adopt us so we can live the high lives. Does she like hamsters?

  • Ha ha! Love the photos of you guys strapped in your seats! What a fun trip.

  • I'm from metro St. Louis and will be traveling back there from Colorado in a couple weeks to visit family. Our dogs usually go with us when we travel, but this time they will be staying home with dad & the boys. I'm trying to figure out if it's easier on them to go with us when we travel and stay behind at the rental house (through http://www.vrbo.com) by day or to be boarded at a reputable kennel at home. They are a Pekingese and a Shih-Poo.

  • Hi you sweetheart dogs, I live in the southern part of Missouri, that is where St. Louis is, I have 2 girl long hair dashunds, Millie and Tiffie. Trust me they are sweethearts too.

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey,My name is Hug A Bunny as named by my human sister (whose 3 3/4) I can't belive that you got to ride on a private plane ,I've ridden in the car and also the wagon to Pre-school.The only places that I've gone to are the Vet and Grandma and Grandpa's.Have a great day from a Canadian Bunny.

    Hugs and Hops to you both :)

    get it.

  • Wow! The only one of the six of us who have been in a plane is Jazper, and that was when the Cat Blogosphere rescued him and sent him to live with us.
    But, we do eat Purina (the Indoors kibbles), and think it is way cool that you got to go see the Purina people!
    your purry friends,
    Daphne and Chloe and Jazper and Spooker and Little Isis and Pete Underfeet

  • FABULOUS!!!!

  • F & S, you guys photograph beautifully!

  • S&F .. I'm Bobbi Jo I will be 2 yrs on 7-4 2009 I weigh 4#.. I would like to know if u have a monthly menu & receipes of ur diet. Thanks

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey!
    All of this traveling makes me think you need "Granoodle", an all-natural granola treat formulated for pups just like you! Whether you're on the go or kicking back and recharging, Granoodle is a healthy and convenient way to give those little bodies a boost. We're sure you'll love it... we do!
    Happy travels, xoxo

  • Very Beautiful pets. I enjoyed the picture with Rufus and Sparky. Brave dog.
    My Chihuahua is is like that loves adventure and a challenge. Thanks for viewing my comment.

  • Hello ladies,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kirby Bear Of Toad Hill. I live with my adopted parents in Martinez, Georgia. I am a very handsome seven year old Red Chow Chow. Like you, I too get to travel some. My mode of transportation is not as luxurious as yours, but I’m down here where I can see everything which passes by. One time, a few years ago, the three of us drove form Georgia all the way to Alaska. One evening when I went for my walk in a place called Hyder, I flushed out a black bear. I know that my daddy was really pleased with me because he was soooo excited.

    That’s all for now, catch you later.


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