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Posted by Sharkey

Somebody sent this computer link to Martha the other day and when we clicked on it, we were really surprised by what we saw. There was this pug inside the computer screen and it was licking, licking, and licking. Francesca seemed really upset and was trying to communicate with the pug. I was curious and knew that it was just technology and that the pug really wasn't inside the screen. What do all of you dogs think?

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Silly Franny, you need to learn more about the wonders of technology.

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  • Trouble and I aren't really into electronics and technology. I am embarassed to say that Trouble does sometime bark at dogs on the tv. I, on the other paw, know these dogs can't hear us. I bark in the back yard where I can be heard by all!!

    Woof with love, Lucky

  • We are all for the technology that spreads all the great help and advice for all the dog's across the nation and around the world.
    All the dog's in need of homes etc... What a great way to get the word out, besides we have a my-space and have met great friends.
    So Paws up for the latest technology out there.

  • Henry, my mom said, what r u doing, as I was barking and trying to reach the giant pachyderm that was strutting across what mom calls the TV, I don't no why I do it but I do feel compelled, 2

  • Mom tried to make me watch this, but I'm too smart for her! I'm a very tech savvy pooch and knew she was just trying to mess with me. Off to eat my bone!

  • Mrrrow. I can't tell if this is real or not, so I had my mommie come over and take a look with me. She said it looked real to her, especially that mess all over the screen! Mommie really liked Puggsy's little pink tongue, but she wasn't pleased with that lickylicky slobber all over everything. I know her...she'll be cleaning it all up after she's done doin' 'er thing. Mrrrow. Hey! Remrrrinder! Don't forget that us KC's (KC stands for Kitty Cat) are intelligent too and can think for ourselves...don't forget to invite us along, too - for our mrrrows, ideas, prrrs, and other comments! At first, I wasn't sure if it was okay to mrrrow in the girls' early blogs, but my mommie assured me it was okay. (I love mommie!) Prrrr. =^..^=

  • These little doggies scare me!! but, our cat was VERY interested and looked behind the screen!
    Woof & Tail Wags ~Moose

  • I can't blame Francesca. It was cute, but a little strange at the same time. Now Sharkey, wouldn't you have been kinda scared if You saw it first? I'll stick to my dog toys,

  • I enjoyed this when mom showed me, she wanted to get a picture of me cause she said I looked like the RCA dog when I watched it, but I look at her camera not the licking dog, then we found this video I told mom you might enjoy, I know I would not be happy if an anteater was eating my food, poor fellow, hope I am putting the link in the right place.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me to learn the computer, I think if you two can do it i can too.

  • Paws-down pawsibly one of the most adorable pup moments I have yet to see! How sweet is Franny trying to bust that Pug out of the computer? I just adore dogs!! They really are such a pivotal part of our happiness in this lifetime. The silly things they do always provide me with constant joy and happiness especially on an otherwise down and dreary day. A small slice of heaven right here for us. People who are not owned by a dog are really missing out on some extraordinary! Thanks for sharing one of your precious pup moments! I received a much needed giggle and smile from them both!

  • F & S
    My mom got the same email, some ugly pug licking the screen. My mom emailed your mom this morning she wants to know where she got the stuffed Frenchie dogs. Something to do with a golf headcover.

    I had a tough day, my brother stole an entire cherry cheese danish ring from the counter top this morning. All 4 of us got in trouble. I only got a few bites but didn't feel weel most of the day. Then the landscaper was here speading all kinds of organic fertilizer around and I got caught eating that - my butt was in the house most of the day. Mom says I'll be fine but she wasn't happy.

    Talk to you guys soon

  • Francesy and Sharkey, this is feral Kitty is writing again, my comment did not go through this morning for some reason...just wanted to say that your barking scared me, but now jump up on mommys lap and watch the screen...but the licker scared me off the lap.

  • When I was a puppy and a dog disappeared off the TV screen I used to run around the side and back of the TV to see where the dog went. I always know when my Mum is looking at Daily Wag cause of the barking sounds at the start so I have to come and read it too.

  • Our names are Sasha and Chance. We are a Bishon Frise and Cocker Spaniel (not mixed). We have never seen iside a computer screen but our mom is ALWAYS on the computer. We know when she sees a cute doggie or animal (animals are her passion), because she starts cooing at the screen. I bet Francesca was worried for the pug in the screen but I'm sure the pug is ok and out of the screen now. : )

    Sasha and Chance

  • Frannie and Sharkey,

    I agree with Francesca...that poor pug needs some help!


  • [Shoeboy, unable to move tail (but deep in thought) can't let it lie...]

    "Question: Just how many degrees of separation exists between 'Pug in Tub' and 'Cat in Bong'? Not a nice pick to be found. A clear line must be etched! Yeah, we all remember Pavlov but does anyone remember even ONE of his Dog's names? No! Only that they were a bunch of drooling idiots! Not one of us is immune to this kind of animal exploitation!

    I must ask yet another question: Where will it stop? Look at what happened to Pigs in a Blanket! What next? Pug in a Pot? Pug in a Thong? Good 'Dog' Almighty!!! ARTIFICE and INNOCENCE!

    And one more question: When is it EVER funny to see ANY LIVING THING; animal, human, vegetable or mineral, in need, struggling to compensate for it's own survival? Much less it's own curiosity?"

    Huh? Oh, Hi Girls! Shoeboy here...just woke up from a bad dream...think I need to stay away from the licorice...But not YOU, Frannie! Sharkey, please tell her that I was wrong to compare and demean her down to a piece of candy! Sometimes I act just like a human.

  • Hello, Francesca and Sharkey from two West Highland Terriers, Angus and Robbie McDog. We live in Idaho...a long ways from the Highlands, like you two are a long ways from FRANCE. We're following you on Twitter. A big woof to you and Martha, who we love! WOOF!

  • It's Angus and Robbie again--we forgot to tell you that we LOVE chasing squirrels!!! Somehow they always make it safely up the tree before we get there...and our master always says..."it's a good thing".

  • Dear Francesca,
    I am a black pug, and I look a lot like you. We are both so beautiful, it is understandable how our moms fell for us. I have a big brother named Frank who is a yellow lab, it was rough going at first, but he has finally come around to seeing things my way. Keep up the great work, I love your blog!!

  • Woof! I wondered where my brudduh went. How I git him outta dare?

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