Francesca and I visit the donkeys

Posted by Sharkey

Franny and I went for a nice long walk recently, when I noticed that the donkeys were out in their paddock.  They looked like they were having a relaxing time, so I decided that I would go and stir up a little mischief.  I really enjoy playing tough with Clive, Rufus, and Billy.  Francesca says I’m foolish, but I don’t care, it’s just good, ole fun.

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I am a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Kendell and I would like to thank you for the Great time we had at the Martha Stewart Show. The toys he got were fun to play with and he really enjoyed the Snacks. I was a great Day ! Thanks again to Martha Stewart and all her staff they were all so very nice !!!

  • What fun!!! you in your pink outfits playing with those cute donkeys, I can just hear you barking....I love it!

  • Oooh, I love the little pink outfits!!! You have to let us know where you two shop.

  • Mrrrow. I heard my mommie laughing her head off, so I came running over to see what it was about - Clive, kicking up his heels, while YOU, Sharkeybarkey, were teasing him and saying nah-nah-nah-ni-nah-nahhhhh, juuust outside of his reach!! (I DID think that was pretty cute, too, as I mrrrowed to myself.) Prrrr, I'm really glad that I live inside, 'cause I admit - I can be somewhat of a 'fraidy-cat sometimes - a true scaredy-cat, 'specially when there's a lot of noise and commotion...THAT will make ME run away and hide for hours! Back in the day, though, I'd've prob'ly taken you, but now...I dunno...I think I'd better play it safe. Besides, I know that I basically still rule! Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • Lilly the Pug wants a donkey too!

  • Fun!!! The Adventures of Sharkey and Francesca would make a great storybook! My big tabby cat Monty says hi!

  • I loved seeing you on Martha's show yesterday. Your dresses were lovely.
    Playing with donkeys looks like great fun! I bet my dogs would enjoy it too, but I don't have room for a donkey. They will have to be satisfied with each other as playmates.

  • Greetings from Maine! My dog, Orvis, and I love this blog! Keep the posts coming :) And next time you're both up in Maine, stop by our new dog photography studio :)

  • Wow,
    Sir Bentley would like you to know you are a little brave one!
    We have big belgian drafts that Mom and Dad won't let us play with, Mom says I am a big boy at 225 lbs but my belgian brothers are 2500lbs plus. What's the problem? I think I could handle playing with them!
    My Great Dane brother Brutus doesn't know how to play nice though so I think I will blame him. Sounds good doesn't it? HaHa

    I carry my stuffed babies around when I am tired they are about the size of you two.
    Your new Pals, Sir Bentley and Brutus.

  • You two are adorable and having so much fun! We are a rescued terrier mix and a purebred whippet in Texas, sending you lots of woofs!

  • I have two miniature dachshunds, Hansel and Gretal. They love treats. I just got a dehydrator. Have you covered this topic on your show or on the Daily Wag?

  • Hi Kids,
    My name is Charlie and I am a Flatcoated Retriever mix from NYC. Sharkey, I commend you. It is obvious that you never let your size get in your way and it looks like you really gave Clive, Rufus and Billy a good workout. I don't know about donkeys, but squirrels, that is another story entirely. Give me a squirrel to chase, and I am a happy camper.

  • Hey sweetie pies, it's kind of difficult to comment when you make me laugh so hard! Really, I'm cracking up! Sharkey, I'm so glad you can run fast when you need to get away but you are such a tease and Franny, I see you are the lookout but keep a closer eye on Clive next time! He kind of snuck up when Sharkey wasn’t looking. You both looked great in your colorful fashions on the show yesterday. I love it when you come to the studio!

  • Martha I adore the farm life what could be better than watch the animals interact. It such a beautiful relationship... they want nothing more than they need. The way you touch your pets on TV tells me your hands know animals, your heart communicates with them. I like when you let them be themselves loose in the studio. Well done. I have seen all your shows from the very start. I still like the old TV format where your hands are so exact until perfection is demonstrated. Your a natural teacher! I am one of your best students. I am a creative director so eye everything!

  • OHHHH F&S - congrats on the blog! I always knew that thumbs had NOTHING to do with excellent, mad blogging skills!!

    My little Maddie & Splotchy feel like they are your cousins - they are the cat version of you guys, down to color scheme!

    They wanted to share the one post they allowed me to do about a dog - hope you enjoy it!!

  • Why aren't you two Twittering? Martha has one, you should too. If you sign you can follow me and my animal friends! There are all sorts of dogs, cats, birds,rabbits on Twitter. I hope you think about it.

  • Good morning Francesca & Sharkey!
    My dogs and I really enjoy your new blog. I've been telling my two Labrador Retrievers, Chance and Riley, all about it. They, of course, think the two of you are very cute, and they love hearing about your exciting adventures on Martha's Bedford farm.
    Keep writing, we'll keep reading.

  • This tickles me... Remind me of my Spark & Juno. A pit/boxer mix(Spark) & a yorkie (Juno).. Will post pictures later. Moments like these are priceless!


  • Hi Sharkey & Franny ,
    Today is my actual birthday and my mama is making me chicken and green beans this is what I wanted for my special day. I enjoy reading your adventures I wish we lived closer so we could play together. I love donkeys and would love to chase them with you but we don't have any around here so I will have to live through you and your adventures.
    I am off to smell the bushes and plants on my walk and day dream of chasing donkeys with you. Life is good.
    It was fun to see you on TV yesterday you did good.

    Have a wonderful day you two.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow chow

  • Hi girls! I love reading about your adventures. I am a service dog in training and my Mom blogs about my adventures too. Check it out!


  • Sharkey, I love your outfit! Where did you get it? Do they make it for bigger girls (50 lbs)?

    I wish my mom would get me a donkey. It looks fun out there. Thanks for blogging.

    Carley Roo

  • Aw what cute donkeys!

    I want to see you two hanging out with the chinchillas!

    I have 4 of my own and would love to see Martha's! :)

  • That is so cool that you all have donkeys!
    We used to have chickens, before we lost our farm. It was great fun to watch them from the windows (we're all inside kitties) - and sometimes they'd even come up on the deck to antagonize us through the sliding glass doors!
    You're very lucky dogs to have such great four-footed playmates, and the farm to go with them!
    Your purry friends,
    Daphne and Chloe

  • I hate to say it Frannie and Sharkie - but the donkey is JUST about as cute as you two are -

  • I am Pepper the fisty Shih Tzu and my buddy Megaton the Pekingese. We are from a little farm in North Georgia. We too love to chase the farm animals. Ours are a little bigger than the donkeys. We chase horses until they chase us back through the fence. Megatron is more of a chicken than I am. Love the new blog.

    P and M

  • Martha,

    Look what we have at the Memphis Zoo - miniature cows!

    I'm taking my kids tomorrow and we will take pictures to send to F & S.

  • Hi!
    I am 2 months old and I just wanted you to know that I LOVE watching you on your mom's show and your lovely photos. Keep'em coming!
    Mia ;)

  • Cute blog. It seems like you two lovely ladies spend a considerable amount of time outside. I was wondering, what's your regimen for the pesty fleas and ticks?

  • Francesca and Sharkey you'll be happy to know that this weekend a bunch of folks are rescuing the furfriends at the Harrison Shelter and we are having a huge adoptathon in White Plains Sunday 12-3
    the adoption event is at
    12- 3 PM
    Thank you for helping us change the life of these poor souls. :)

  • Hi girls:I'm a miniture mule (Jenny) whose best friend is a donkey called Alice. We wrote this for you: Francesca,Sharkey, you dont seem barkey,
    But for all we know,you can get snarkey.
    We hear you like to run the skunk
    Then you get soaked in all that junk.
    Such pretty girls,such habit bad,
    You must drive darling Martha mad?
    With necklace grand and small cute muzzles,
    Have you tried the Ken Ken puzzles?
    Really, if a truth there be
    You'd do them,better than the likes of we.
    Try not to be such little monkeys,
    Leave space between you and flying donkeys.
    Luv ya - keep smiling.

  • Eric and Kimiko envy you having donkeys to chase! They are Shiba Inus and love to chase anything that moves, and its even more fun if they chase back. Usually they have to make do with birds and cats in the back yard.


  • Oh, I'm so envious of Sharkey chasing the donkeys!!! I want to be right there too!!! Love the blog Frannie & Sharkey!!!
    Cold nose smooches from Frito, a terrier mix, in Texas!!!

  • Hi girls,

    Kirby here. I think that it is so cool that you have the donkeys to play with. I have a big back yard in which to play, but I do not have any donkeys. I still have hope because I heard my mama talking about a jackass living next door.

    See you,


  • I am a pet photographer and would love to photograph Francesca and Sharkey and/or be apart of any future 'dog' shows!
    Please check out my work at
    Thank you!

  • Dear F&S,

    I am Carmella Canine. I am a Mulligan Stew breed of dog. My Human is Suzy and we both want to send our condolences on the loss of your sweet puppy in the fire. This sad event took place not far from our own Mountain Top home. Suzy is the owner of Abby's Doggone Good Gourmet Cookies. You see, we know what loss is, we lost our own Abby Girl a few years ago, but she is with us everyday in spirit in our Dog Cookie Bakery. We see her on the packages of delicious Vanilla Yogurt Cones-N-Bones, on our Swirley Q'S and even on our Turkey Pot Pie Cookies. We have lots more too. My own favorite is Low Fat Cinnamon Apple Slices, I have to eat low fat to keep my weight down, since I only have 3 legs:(
    We want to send you and the rest of your canine family and friends, a basket of our delicios treats, as a condolence gift. We know that flowers would never do, since your Mom, Martha, grows much prettier flowers than we do. I share my home with 2 horses, a grey Arabian Stallion, Prince, with only one eye, he lost his eye at 6 months old at the hands of his other owner. We also have Rondo, a Sorrel horse that was rescued after his Amish family took him to "Market" if you know what I mean. He was very skinny, I really mean it! Suzy and Karl knew just what to do to make him all better though. We also have 4 very nice cats, and before he passed out of this world, we had a male Calico cat named KID CALICO, born rightr in our very own barn. We also have a big bad Nubian Goat named Nacho, that came here as a kid to baby sit Prince after his buddy, Cody, passed on. And OMGosh, we even have Mr & Mrs Rajah and Rashmi Peacock, and 3 of their Sons. Hey, would you like a pair of Peacocks to chase around? They don't eat much accept they DO love flowers and Blueberries! My Humans would be happy to bring them right over A.S.A.P.
    Well... please let us know where to send the basket.
    Love, Suzy and Carmy

  • I watch your show daily and I've learned so much about cooking, as well as many other interesting things.

  • Skarkey,

    My goodness don't you look adorable in your little pink sweater!?!Althouhg, just to be on the safe side, I do not think that cute dog sweater actually gives you magical powers, so be careful out there with those donkeys! that is just too funny!!!

  • OMG how cute are these 2! I love them - the sweater is absolutely adorable. Someone said what a great story book this would make and I totally agree!

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