A gorgeous portrait of me and Francesca

Posted by Sharkey

In celebration of our new blog, artist Rachel Rossman painted a really special watercolor and sent it to Martha.  It's of me and Francesca!  We really like her painting technique and she used very pretty colors.  You should check out her Web site to see more of her work.  

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Here is Franny and me. I really like how Rachel paints. Franny, don't you think we should try out painting?

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  • Hi Sharkey & Franny -

    I wasn't sure if I should write, since I am a kitty... but I wanted to comment on the Fabulous watercolor Rachel painted. She is obviously VERY talented!!

    I took a peek at her other work and noticed she's painted some kitties, so I'm guessing she likes ALL of us furry creatures.

    I live in Florida with my mommie, Sherry, and we watch Martha Every day and love the show. You both looked very cute the other day in your neat knitted sweaters.

    Your new kitty friend,


  • from one artist to another, this is very nicely done!hope someday you get to see the ones I have done...

  • Love, love, love this painting! The eyes capture their personalities.

  • It's a wooferful portrait of the two of you. Maybe mom will make one of me on the computer!

  • Two of my recent posts to this blog weren't posted is there a problem with my posts?
    Please advise. Is there something wrong with the blog server?
    Thank you
    Mrs.Bosley Chow Chow

  • Mrrrow. Oh, how mrrrowy boo-ti-full! My mommie said to me that this kind gesture of this lady's touched her heart. (Mommie's a biggg softie with a HUGE heart for all God's creatures, but I don't take advantage of her - my sister Mandy =^..^= does, tho'.) Mrrrow, mommie said that another kc posted?! What, mommie? Jolie?! Mrrrow, Jolie...I'll bet you're 'tres jolie', just like your name states! I used to be striped more...I'm basically just grey now, with some stripes on my legs and tail. What color are you? Prrrr. =^..^=

  • It's so pretty! I'm sure Martha will put it in a nice frame & proudly hang it up!

  • Well Sharkey and Franny I sure can't top that beautiful watercolor (nor do i want to) of you two cuties.But here is a true story.
    I woke the dog,the dog woke the cats,
    So there we were at 3 a.m. blinking like the bats.
    They said,isn't this a dreadful time
    To be putting all those words in ryme?
    Tut,tut,I said, hold your tongue,
    None of these songs were ever sung.
    Not my fault,by love I'm smitten,
    Eegads, here comes that furry kitten.
    So,we gathered round at three
    And drank some milk,quite happily.

  • Woof Woof you two! You both look great in "watercolor".
    Tail Wags ~ Moose

  • Excellent painting. I am already a fan of Rachael's and was referred to this site, so I am glad she is getting the recognition she deserves. As I've told her in the past, "You always get the eyes...otherwise you might as well just start over." The eyes always draw you into her paintings. Good job, Rachael! Love, Mom :o )

  • Woof! Woof! Oh my goodness, you two, you look just like two little angels! (Frenchie angels...the best kind lol!!!) I am Nutmeg, a four-year-old Doberman Pinscher who was rescued from guard-dog duty by my kind and loving owners (though sometimes I think I own them, especially when I make them dress me up in my favorite sweater and play my favorite Flanks records lolz!) Anyhow, I think it is neat that people have us around to take their minds off silly things like the economy and conflicts in the Middle East lol...just this week my mom and dad went to Brooklyn and got taken out to a fancy Italian restaurant by two of their friends. They had a wonderful time, and when they came home they were certainly saying "Prego!" and "Grazi!" a lot. (And the leftover spaghetti was delicious...yummmmm!) I think it is good that people have doggies and friends to remind them of what's really important in this mixed-up old world. Thanks!


  • Beautiful.

  • You two girls look so beautiful. Your friend did such a nice job of painting.
    If you ever get to San Diego you should walk down at seaport village my Mom takes me there and I just love it.
    Curley Sue the weeinepoo

  • Hi Francesca Hi Sharky,
    My Name is Brady. I sit home alone all day and read your blog while mommy and daddy work. It's the life!

    Keep posting!

  • Hi I am a kitty and I saw your beautiful portrait. It is so nice. I don't have any dog friends as I don't live outside. I am a little afraid of dogs too because sometimes they make a lot of noise and I just like to have peace and quiet. Meow, Meow.

    I live in NJ with my mommy. I have a brother who lives with us too. He is afraid of dogs though. I am more adventurous than he.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Meow, Meow


  • Hi Sharky My name is Harry. I heard from my owner you chase small animals like I do. Well the story I will tell you may help you to stop. Maybe!!! Bridget and family while my parents were out of town. Mom and Dad were gone on a long trip and I do mean long. Just before they came home I decided that that was a nice big cat I could chase. Needless to say it was not a cat. It had a white strip down it back. My aunt called me to stop but I did not listen. As you might know already the skunk sprayed me in the face. My family returned in a week after this had happened. I am a westie and my coat had an Orange color. I really looked funny and smelled bad also. My family still love me as yours.. But like you I had to spend my time in my crate alot. too many baths but you know I still like to chase things and like all terriers I sometimes don't listen when I am told to stop. Have fun. Harry potter I was adopted and I love my family

  • My name is Sienna Rose I am curley Sue older sister .I am a maltese. Hey girls I am white and curley sue is black .Do you think that we would look as good as you in a painting.Naw your to cute.
    We saw your Mom make bunnie today and I thought they would be cute out on the lawn for Easter
    love to all of you Sienna

  • Wow!I love her style...very unique!

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