Playing in the snow

Posted by Sharkey

Just before Christmas, Francesca and I got dressed in our finest holiday garb and went out into the powdery snow for a little romp.  The snow was deep and it was difficult for us to run.  Francesca, who isn’t as tough as I am, thought that the snow was just too cold on her feet and it wasn’t long before she wanted to go back inside.  Yawn……….

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I don't know.

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  • You guys can r-e-a-l-l-y run! I used to be able run, and jump up on the highest places possible, but I'm old now and need my rest. I love when my mommy comes home and we talk about our days and watch YOUR mommy's show together. Daddy says that I used to be quite the little mischief-maker, but now, my little halo is glowing and stays on straight. Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • Hi you girls. We love snow too. If you want to come have some real fun come visit us at our cabin in Alaska. You can ride to it in our special snowmachine sled because it would be too far for you to run. We would love to teach you how to leap like foxes and dive into deep snow to catch mice that tunnel under the snow. You guys would need some real warm clothes... maybe parkas but we are Siberian huskies so we are always dressed right! We could also take you squirrel chasing. We have smaller red squirrels... not those scary grey ones like you have. We are pretty good at chasing them but they always get away. We almost caught a snowshoe rabbit last week but it teased us by going under the deck. My parents keep us on leashes because we run so fast and turn off our ears when we hunt! Hope you can come to visit because we are lots of fun. If you can't come we could send pictures of us and our brother Flint in the snow and in the boat in our life jackets. Later from your arctic buddies. X and D

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey,

    It's Shoeboy, again and I've worked my way backwards to the beginning of you blog! And now that I know you're both girls that explains the matching outfits...and I must say that the two of you make all that snow look like loads of fun! And you look good doing it, too! Anyway, loved seeing your holiday pics...especially #1! No doubt about it...great legs! :) Wish I were there playing in the snow with you! Betcha can't wait 'til Easter!?!

  • Oh those are some beautiful dogs. You should check out this website for other accessories. ( They have very beautiful dog collers!!

  • there are so many great pages on you two sweet pups, I'm new here and am wading through all the stuff to see and read...mostly I come to visit your pages or see what your mommy Martha is tweeting about...ask your mommy if I can paint your picture

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