A Valentine gift for Martha!

Posted by Francesca

Joyeuse St. Valentin à notre chère, chère Martha. (Happy Valentine's Day, our sweet, sweet Martha)

With Valentine’s Day just one day away, Sharkey and I suddenly realized that we had nothing to present to our dear Martha.  We’ve been busy watching all of the Valentine crafts on The Martha Show and after some discussion we came up with a very clever idea.  Why not make Martha a headband with glittered hearts standing up just like our ears do?  Sharkey and I just love crafting.  Come and see our project.

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You know how much I like embellishment - I decided that my heart would have cut outs so I'm using the punch. Sharkey decided to keep her heart simple.

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  • I think your gift to mommyMartha is just buutiful! I know you love your mommy...hopefully as much as I love mine! Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • OK, I am clicking around here just laughing and laughing. brilliant blog doggies! good work!

  • Ok this is just stinking hilarious. I LOVE the shots of Francesca and Sharkey with the crafting tools. Bravo!

  • I love seeing you both, having fun and dressing up. That is what my Mommy and I do all the time. We go to the park and walk the fitness trail which is good for both of us. I will send you a picture of me as soon as I can get my Mommy to help me.
    Will talk soon,
    Fairway (the miniature poodle)

  • Dear Francesca & Sharkey,
    My Pop and I love your blog, you have such great adventures! I am going from Seattle, Wa. to Rome, Italy next month, I'm very excited...can you give me any tips on what to see and do? I am a very small chihuahua (2.5#s) so, I get to go alot of places.
    Keep up the good Blog!!!
    Hugs + Kisses
    Stella Luna Seal

  • Dear Francesca snd Sharkey,
    My name Is Daisy and I love your blog!Finally dogs can tell their side of the story!By the way my mommy always watches Martha's show!
    Your fellow dog,

  • OMGosh! Your killing me in just the sweetest way! Oh the cuteness with the little bone folder! :D Too, too cute! Thanks for the smile!

  • All the pictures are very CUTE! I'm glad they gave you that head wear on Valentine's Day from their LOVE. Hey... you should remember me cos I called you in other day, I'm 30 years old, deaf person you just interview with and you told me about your maid who is deaf from Brazil. remember? Haha, yes, that's me. by the way, wow, that time you and i talked with interpreter by phone was my greatest day of my life that i got off talking on the phone with you about a week ago, thank you so much. Your babies in gallery are so cute. i'm animal lover just like you. :)

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